Lover's Paradise

Heart Pendants

The Only Heart Shaped Pendant Collection You'd Want to Have is Here.

Lover's Paradise

Heart Pendants

The Only Heart Shaped Pendant Collection You'd Want to Have is Here.

Heart Pendants

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Gold Heart Pendants Online

If you are looking for a lovely gift for any occasion, KuberBox’s lovely, elegant, and luxury gold heart pendants are ideal. They come in a range of metals (yellow gold, rose gold, white gold) and styles.

Some of these include: heart pendant with initials, engravable heart pendants, and breakable heart pendants that couples can share.

Buying gold heart pendants (aka lockets) online

If you want to buy gold heart pendants (also known as lockets) online, KuberBox is your trusted online sellers of luxury, affordable Jewellery. We have a wide range of gold heart pendants that can be customized and shipped internationally.

You don’t need to pay exorbitant prices for quality, either. Indeed, our entire range of pendants for men and women are sold at an excellent rate all over the world.

Frequently asked questions about gold heart pendants

To help new customers with their purchasing decision, we have collected the questions most emailed to us, and answered them here. Everything from, how safe is buying gold online, to what colors of gold are available, and which pendants make great gifts.

If you have a question that does not appear below, please feel free to contact us. Our sales team is always happy to answer your Jewellery-related questions.

Is it safe to buy gold heart pendants online?

When buying gold Jewellery online it’s always important to make sure you’re buying Jewellery from a seller of certified and hallmarked gold. But be sure to check who is certifying the gold, it needs to be a third-party.

The other thing you should check is the return and refund policy. Online stores that refuse to offer even a basic return policy should be avoided, as you have no guarantee of quality. At KuberBox our diamonds are certified by diamond certifying labs that are internationally renowned. Our gold is hallmarked to ensure you are receiving gold that is 100% the purity we sell it as. Our hallmarking is done by BIS, government of India. So, you know the hallmarking is reliable and above board.

We also have a 30-day no-questions-asked return facility on all items, as we believe this is the right thing to do.

What colors of gold are your heart pendants available in?

Most pendants are available in one of 4 colors. The only color that is naturally occurring is yellow gold, all the others are combined with other metals or alloys to achieve their color.

1. White gold heart pendant

Palladium, nickel, or silver is mixed with gold to achieve this color. And it is usually given a coating of rhodium. This particular gold is becoming more popular than yellow gold in some circles. It is also more durable and stronger than yellow gold, so it lasts much longer.

2. Yellow gold heart pendant

The only naturally occurring gold color, even yellow gold must be combined with an alloy to make it stronger. This is because gold in its purest form is soft and malleable. Which means that as Jewellery it would easily bend out of shape. By combining it with other alloys it will last longer and be stronger.

3. Rose gold heart pendant

Rose gold is made by combining copper and silver alloys with pure gold. To get a redder color, more copper is added. Typically, the ratio of pure gold to copper in rose gold is 75% gold and 25% copper.

Dual tone heart pendant

Dual tone gold Jewellery is when two different colors of gold are soldered together. Rings, earrings, and pendants are the Jewellery which most commonly is genuinely dual tone. Quite often, Jewellery is sold as a dual tone but is rather two separate pieces of Jewellery. This is technically not dual tone.

Are these gold heart pendants suitable for gifts?

Absolutely. Gold heart pendants make excellent gifts. Whether your loved one prefers rose, white, yellow gold or a mix of two—you will find something on our shop for all occasions.

We have some stunning gold heart pendants for birthdays and anniversaries studded with either diamonds, gemstones and/or a ruby or amethyst marquise. These stunning pieces can also be customized so you can create your own unique gift.

When should you gift Heart Pendants?

That’s a very good question because when men are buying pendant jewellery for the woman in their life, they often get confused if this time is “right” to be gifting a heart pendant. The first thing to know is that, when a woman receives a heart pendant as a gift from a man/boy, it sends across a romantic signal. So unless you are sure the girl of your dream feels romantically about you, it’s best avoided. Now, when you are already a couple and you want to give a heart pendant, in gold or diamond, to her, then you have many occasions to do so. Firstly, the gifts without any reason are the best kind of gifts. They express way more and feel more genuine. As a couple, you will have many opportunities to share gifts. A diamond heart pendant is an ideal gift for occasions like a girl's birthday, couple’s anniversary and most importantly, Valentine's Day.

What kind of designs are available in Gold Heart pendants?

Fortunately, gold heart pendants are a variety that are available in many forms and shapes. You can get gold pendants with two hearts, three hearts and single hearts. Signs like infinity, key & lock and photo lockets are also a part of this category. It’s not only the heart shape pendants which are called heart pendants, even pendants with words like love, I love you, forever, Mr & Mrs, etc. are all different forms of heart pendants.

Do these pendants come with chains?

No. Most—if not all—gold heart pendants do not come with a chain or thread. You can check each pendant before you buy by looking at the product details. The last detail, before the ‘Metal Details’ will let you know if a chain is, or is not, included.

What is the ideal length for a chain to hold a pendant?

The right length for a chain or thread to hold a pendant depends on where you want the pendant to rest and the size of a person’s neck. Typically, a chain will be one of three sizes: 16, 18, or 20 inches.

Many women choose either 16- or 18-inch chains. While a 16-inch necklace would feel like a choker length chain-with-pendant, the 18-inch one would feel slightly more relaxed on your neck. These hang at the ideal length for pendants as fashion items. If you want a pendant tucked beneath a blouse, then the 20-inch chain is ideal.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. For further details check our international shipping page. KuberBox currently ships to over 200 countries. Our gold heart pendants come with a lifetime exchange guarantee, provided the product is in the same perfect condition you received it in. For further details check out our exchange, returns, and refund policy page.

Buying affordable gold heart pendants(हार्ट पेंडेंट) online

When buying affordable, luxury gold heart pendants online, you want to purchase from a reputable and reliable company. KuberBox has sold thousands of items of Jewellery all over the world to a wealth of happy customers.

Our website is easy to navigate and easy to quickly find what you are looking for. If you’re looking to celebrate a specific occasion, you can refine your search that way. Just as it’s easy to refine by price, metal (gold color), purity, and setting type.

If you are looking for the perfect gift to show your loved one what they mean to you, you can’t go past a gold heart pendant. These stunning creations can have their gold color customized, as well as other features for something truly special.

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