International Ring Size Conversion Chart

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With the advent of online shopping and with the increase in the number of overseas travellers across the planet, there is an increased need for an International Ring Size Conversion Chart. People these days are more open to other cultures and fashion from different countries. As a result, people now shop a lot of foreign good both online and when they travel. And, after all, which woman can resist the temptation of a sparkling diamond jewellery. When it comes to shopping diamond rings, the caution factor while shopping from abroad is the ring size factor.Gold Earrings under INR 10000

At KuberBox, we get a lot of enquiries from our international customers and having mentioned the Indian Ring size on our website, the international customers find it difficult to select the right ring size for themselves. Therefore, here we have a master ring size conversion chart that will let you cross-convert ring sizes of various countries like India, USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Ireland, New Zealand, China, Japan, South America, Italy, Spain, Netherlands & Switzerland.

International Ring Size Conversion Chart

The International Ring Size Conversion Chart

The International Ring Size Conversion Chart

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International Ring Size Conversion Chart by Shaila




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