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Moms are special, there are no two ways about that. So it makes total sense if you came here looking for the best gift ideas for Mom for Mother’s Day or her birthday. Or maybe you just got your first salary and you want to get her something nice. Children tend to do their best while picking gifts for their mothers. Dotting mothers, after all, find the warmest corners in our hearts. We don’t need to give travails of the long list of sacrifices every mother makes for their kids. Kids want to reciprocate this love. Therefore, the gift you choose for your mom becomes important and we have a list of gift ideas that might do the trick. 

Your mom’s birthdays and Mother’s Day (celebrated on the second Sunday of May) are great excuses to pamper her with gifts. This presents a big opportunity to surprise her and make her happy. But, soon this opportunity turns to panic. Because what exactly shall you gift your mother? Would your gifts be as thoughtful as her care has been through the years? Would the gift that you choose will brighten up her day and make her all smile? Would you stand up to the occasion? 

Gift Ideas for Moms

If you know your mom all too well, you would probably already have a laundry list of things that she needs but doesn’t care to buy. Parents are always saving big to fulfil our demands, and in the process, forget all about their own needs. Watchful kids, however, keep an eye on their list of sacrifices and make up for those during birthdays and special days like Mother’s Day. So if you are one of those, the best idea would be to dig up that list and go mad picking the best among them.

Other good gift ideas for mom worth exploring are – 

  1. Spa Session
  2. Shopping Therapy
  3. Bag of Goodies
  4. Her Next Smartphone / Gadget
  5. Expensive Crockeries
  6. Dinner Party With Her Close Ones
  7. Jewellery Gifts

Jewellery Gift Ideas For Mom

Jewellery is always the best gift for any woman, not just your mother. Precious jewellery has that charm that attracts and appeals to most women and it’s difficult for them to resist the temptation of “another new one”. KuberBox has some classy designs of diamond jewellery for women of all age groups. If you aren’t that savvy with jewellery, your first thought would be – “Oh my god diamonds!! That will be expensive!!”. Well, that isn’t true at all. Yes, diamonds are expensive compared to many other things, but it also depends on the weight of diamonds in your jewellery. A fairly nice design for everyday use can easily be purchased for less than what you’d otherwise be paying for a half-decent designer bag or dress. Even for a budget of around ₹ 10000, there are several gold jewellery options that you can land your hands on. If you are keen to explore, check out these amazing – Jewellery Gift Ideas for Mom from KuberBox in under ₹ 15000

It’s time to bring some of them out of the closet for your viewing pleasure. 

1. The Maa Pendant

It is a thoughtfully designed pendant that can be gifted to your mom or even worn by you as a symbol of the importance of your mom in your life. The Hindi word for mother, Maa, is a word that brings a hurricane of emotion inside the mother’s and kids’ hearts and that is why this symbolic pendant is so good. It instantly connects you with her being. “Meri Maa Meri Favourite Hai”

Maa pendant - Gift Ideas for Mom

2. Mother’s Day Pendant

Specially crafted pendant to honour your mother for the special day, this Mother’s day pendant has the right dose of love and emotions which will make her eye moist with happiness. This priceless happiness comes from the realization that you are a grown-up now. A grown-up who just gifted her a precious little pendant that celebrates her motherhood.


mothers day pendant - Gift Ideas for Mom

3. Om Maa Pendant

For many of us, maa comes close to the god. A delicate gold pendant that celebrates the words Om and Maa together

Om Maa Pendant - Gift Ideas for Mom

4. Maa Paa Pendant

Although it’s a special day to explore gift ideas for Mom, paa can’t be left far behind. Together they form your universe. This specially designed pendant celebrates both mom and dad together through the hindi letters Maa and Paa.

Maa Paa Pendant

5. Familia Pendant 

A beautiful family pendant can be a wonderful gift idea for mom, especially a new mother. So if you are looking for gift ideas for new mother, look no more. This captures her emotion of having just started a family, bringing her first child into the early. This is one gift that a husband can gift to her wife who is also a new mother. Other members of the family can also gift it. 

6. Familia Ring

This pendant is also available in the form of a ring, as shown below – 

Familia Ring

7. Tree of Life Family Name Pendant

If you want the gift to mother to be personalized with the names of her children, then this tree of life family name pendant can be a great way to do that. It’s customizable and you can include up to four names. 

Tree of Life Family Name Pendant

Other Jewellery Gift Ideas for Mom

This Maa Pendant is a special one, but may not be for everyone. So if you are craving for more, something beautiful that she can wear every now and then-then you should pick one of the jewellery designs from our website. We have more than 4000 designs across pendants, earrings, nose pins, rings & bracelets. Depending on how much you wish to splurge and the designs you like, you can take the help of your friends & cousins to finalize one truly grand jewellery gift for her. 

Tip – When picking jewellery for a mature woman, don’t always go for the lowest priced jewellery. The jewellery that is priced lowest is priced low because maybe the diamond weight and the gold weight of that product is less. And, most middle-aged women do not prefer delicate jewellery. Take the help of our customer support staff to find out which jewellery your mother would tend to like more. Send us your shortlisted option and we can help you with an ideal gift.

Now, you can start exploring the 100s of designs that we have in each category. Click on the banners below to start exploring. Our range starts from about INR 2000 going up to INR 250,000.

Rings for Mom Earrings for Mom
Nosepins for Mom Pendants for Mom

Now that you have all the required links from where you can shop for Mother’s Day gift ideas, sit back, order away and relax. Do not forget to make your gift personalized. Gift wrap the jewellery box and also attach a gift note with your heartfelt message. KuberBox can also do this for you, free of cost. While ordering your Mother’s Day jewellery, just mention the gift message and gift wrap and it will be taken care of. 

Tip – Middle-aged women prefer pearls to anything else. Pearls are classy and they go well with gold and diamonds. KuberBox, for instance, has a good collection of pearl earrings and pendants. What’s the benefit with pearls is that they are affordable too. That’s why adding a pearl to a pendant make it look bigger, and at the same time, doesn’t boost the price by must. We have very good designs in pearl pendants in the price range of INR 5000-9000. Check out some of the top pearl jewellery designs below

If you want the best jewellery designs for working moms, check out our blog post at the provided link.

gifting ideas for mom

An AI-generated Image – A son gifting jewellery to his mom

Customized Jewellery Gift For Mother

Mother’s Day or her birthday, is a special occasion that must be celebrated in the grandest manner possible. Therefore, if you have something special in mind like customized or personalized jewellery, KuberBox is at your disposal. We are specialists in making custom-made gold jewellery of all kinds. Talk to us and we will be on board. 

7 Gift Ideas For Mom That She'll Adore - Jewellery & Other Gifts Ideas For Your Mother by Shaila




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