The Nose Ring Destination

Nose Ring & Nath

India Shops Nose Rings & Naths on KuberBox. The Only Place You Need for Your Nose Hoop Indulgence.

The Nose Ring Destination

Nose Ring & Nath

India Shops Nose Rings & Naths on KuberBox. The Only Place You Need for Your Nose Hoop Indulgence.

Nose Ring & Nath

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Nose rings have been a part of the Indian culture for centuries, and not without a reason. It has been scientifically proven that nose piercing entails a wide array of health benefits. Besides, nose rings offer an unequalled charm to the wearer thanks to their exquisite look and feminine appeal.


Our gold nose ring designs are something that we are really proud of. Our customers from India and abroad simply love this style of nose ring designs that we offer. We have more than 98 designs of diamond nose ring on this website, at attractive price points. This nose ring jewellery collection is loved by all. Some of our regular online buyers have even bought the whole catalogue of our nose ring collection. Whether you love wearing the traditional Nath or are more comfortable carrying a Nose Stud – we have it all for you! What’s more? Even if you don’t have your nose pierced, we have some brilliant non-pierced screw nath designs, created to help you live the dream of adorning this beautiful piece of jewellery without having to go through the pain of piercing. So, what are you waiting for? It’s high time you got a good look at our lovely collection and shop for nose hoop that spark a feeling of joy within you!


As a first-time nose jewellery buyer, so many questions must be running through your mind - how thick should the piercing wire be, how big should the nose hoop diameter be, which metal to choose, etc. At KuberBox, we want to be the friendly jewellery store that helps you make the right choice by showing your the complete collections and styles. These stunning tiny jewels can immediately enhance the look when you put them on your piercing. Some of the important things that you should keep in mind when you get yourself a nose ring for women -

  • Which side is your nose pierced on - you can get the nose pierced on either side. Some gold nose ring in India are made for left side and some for the right side. Find out which side is it that you have the piercing on.
  • What should be the diameter of the gold nose hoop - the average Indian nose piercing requires a ring diameter of 8 mm. But you can measure your piercing height using a standard ruler and then start looking for brands that offer nose rings in that size.
  • What should be the metal gauge of the piercing wire? - In western countries like USA & Canada, most people know their piercing hole diameter and as a result, they know what should be the thickness (gauge) of their ring's wire. Whereas in India, this information is seldom available. So if you are buying from an Indian online store like KuberBox, you need not worry about this as we stock the standard Indian size that would surely fit you and would glide through your piercing hole.
  • What should be the first nose ring design? - Though the choice is completely personal, you can always opt for the classic options when you start wearing nose rings. Slowly you can graduate to more experimental gold nose ring for women. KuberBox offers both and you can surely check them out on our website.
  • No-piercing? No problem. - our spring nath and other non-piercings type nose rings go well with almost every outfit and every other type of jewellery. Even if you don't have a piercing, you can flaunt them.


Weddings are the events where you want to come out with your best look and that is why it is crucial to choose the right nose ring for a wedding in India. Whether you are the bride or regardless of that, you will be spoilt for choice when you start looking for bridal wear nose ring. The shopping can make you crazy with 100s of new products being launched almost on daily basis. If you have already made your mind regarding buying a gold and diamond nose jewel like gold nath or diamond nose ring, we can provide you some great options to choose from.

  • For the Bride for Sangeet night - Indian shaadi sangeet night is all about glamour. And glamour is synonymous with diamonds. You are the bride and you must look the part and that is why we would recommend our bestselling nose ring - The Traditional Diamond Nath for you. It has the best elements for the night. Make sure you buy them in yellow gold color though.
  • Day time Mehndi function, for the dulhan - Big fat Indian weddings are incomplete without a marigold theme mehndi function and some floral jewellery. This is the one time we would ask you to stay away from diamond jewellery or maybe even gold jewellery because mehndi is about everything natural. If your bridesmaid gang haven't made you a floral nose ring, you can then opt for a yellow gold basic nose ring that will go best with your outfit.
  • The crazy spinster party - Spinster parties are all about fun and naughtiness and so, that is the best occasion to explore the feminine side of yours and wear something sleek and sexy like our Scattered Diamond Nose Ring. We women folk just love that and it has been selling like hot cake all this while.
  • The grand Wedding day - It's the event to flaunt your thought out bridal wear look that you have been planning since months. Here, the nose ring is the final part of the puzzle and you must win this battle by getting yourself the perfect gold nose ring. At KuberBox, every customer has access to the most popular and personalized bridal nose ring that can accentuate your whole get-up.


In today’s times, every jewellery is available in innumerable patterns and styles! Hence, it’s not always about wearing something unique, but about finding a piece of jewellery that best compliments your own style sensibilities. And, this aspect of styling your jewellery becomes even more worthwhile when you set out to choose a gold nose ring online. After all, a nath or a nose ring becomes a part of your make-up and is often the most noticeable piece of jewellery on your face. Regardless of its size, design or pattern, a gold nath never goes unnoticed. Our designers at KuberBox understand this intricate detail, and therefore make sure that every piece of gold nose ring, as well as gold nose pin, is meticulously crafted for that remarkable finish that stands unmatched.

If you’re someone who loves wearing gold nose rings, you simply cannot have a place better than KuberBox to browse for some of the most outstanding nose ring that you could possibly imagine. Not only is our collection extremely wide and varied, but we also make sure that your favourite diamond and gold nose rings are available at the most affordable prices. In fact, our highly sought after, extremely simple and elegant gold nose ring price is as low as ₹ 3,220! Now, isn’t that simply outstanding?


We are a one-stop destination with India for all your jewellery needs. We specialize in nose jewellery and that is why we can confidently say you are in best hands when you decide to buy your diamond nose ring on KuberBox. Regardless of whether you need white gold nose ring or rose gold nose ring or the usual yellow gold, we house them all and we can customize them to your preference. The world loves to buy them on KuberBox and many of our customers are first time jewellery buyers who we educate and explain. The different between different color clarity of diamonds and the different gold purities are some of the most commonly asked questions that we answer on daily basis. If you are looking for nose hoops on discount, we have an enticing range and great prices on sale. You can sort the complete collection by different popular sorting methods like most popular, best seller, high price to low price, maximum discount, etc. The latest items are always updated and new customers can easily make an account and buy it online immediately. The best of 2021 are here and they can be on their way to you quickly.


With so many choices presented by KuberBox, you ought to take a thorough look at our diamond nose rings collection as well as our diamond nath collection before making a final call. For what it’s worth, at Kuber Box you can find nose rings in a wide variety of finishes - right from the conventionally loved Gold Finish to the classy White Gold, from the contemporary Rose Gold finish to the Dual Tone Gold which brings together the best of both worlds. And that’s not all, our gold and diamond nose rings are curated in numerous setting types including but not limited to – Prong, Bezel, Channel, Pave, Plate Prong and Flush.

So, we believe it’s high time that you have a close look at our never-ending collection of gold nose rings and diamond nose rings, as well as gold naths and diamond naths online. Trust us, you will cherish every single moment spent here at KuberBox, because we bring to you a collection that truly stands unmatched.


Our intuitive user interface allows you to order your favourite item at ease. The whole collections are there for you and you can browse them easily and place your order. You can filter the exact nose studs that you wish to buy using the product filters. The items can be filtered on numerous parameters like - discount, type, locking mechanism, brands, jewels, new to old, collections, wire gauge, inner diameter, metal tone, free delivery eligible, India vs other countries, among others. Once selected the product can be added to cart and can be purchased using cash on delivery or payment. Some stores offer the option to pick up the order too. Browse till the last part of the catalogue to select a trendy product that will allow you to be the center of attraction everywhere.


Classic 0.09 Carat Nose Ring | Starting from: ₹ 8,000

Rhea Bridal Diamond Nath | Starting from: ₹ 44,000

For custom made gold or diamond nose rings or nath, and other customized jewellery services, visit:

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