Wanna Get A Double-Initial Pendant Like Malaika Arora? We Got You Covered

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Social media these days I tell you. A celebrity sports a brand new jewellery style and the fans go crazy about that. Not that we are complaining, and not that it’s a bad thing, we are merely pointing out the trend. And, this trend is here to stay for a long, long time. For us, it started with Salman’s Bajrangi Pendant which literally sold like hot cakes and we have continued that with Anushka’s Nose Ring from Ae Dil Hai Mushqil, Divyanka Tripathi’s Nose Pin, Deepika’s Wedding Mangalsutra & again, Anushka’s Uber Stylish Disc Pendant from Sanju. All these experiments have fared very well for us and now the latest on the block, as you must have heard in the gullies of Instagram & Scoopwhoop, is Malaika Arora’s AM Double-Initial Pendant (or maybe MA pendant as she clarified later). We have already observed this trend catching up quite a lot among couples, but whether the gift that Malaika received from her friend was also a couple’s pendant (As in Arjun-Malaika) or whether it’s just Malaika Arora, is yet to be revealed. Therefore, let’s not make guesses about their private lives and instead let us help you with a double-initial pendant for yourself or your better half. This is also a great gift for wedding anniversaries and weddings of your near and dear ones. 

Breaking Down Malaika’s Initials Pendant in Gold

Malaika AM Pendant

Picture posted by Malaika Arora

What Malaika wore as we see in the picture looks like two letter, M & A, joined together and suspended through a fancy gold chain. The letters are made of gold and are luxuriously studded with round diamonds all over. Just a pendant like this can easily cost approximately 30-50k. 

How To Buy Double-Initials Pendant for Yourself

If you are looking to buy a double initial pendant like this one, KuberBox can help you with your personalized jewellery. We already specialize in name and initials jewellery & we make tonnes of such initial pendants, name rings, initial bracelets and name mangalsutras every week. We have a streamlined process where we assist you on email and whatsapp to select the best design for your initials and for your budget. Then the design is manufactured in gold and diamonds in Jaipur and shipped to you safely. You can also pay at the time of delivery in cash. You can send your custom-made jewellery request to us using the form below. They can also have three or four or five initials if you are looking for a family initial pendant. Some of us also call them monogram pendants or couple’s initials pendant (since they are mostly made for couples). 

Submit a personalized jewellery request

Design Inspirations

Since we have already made numerous of these pendants earlier, we are posting below some of the pictures that you can take inspiration from. We love crafting these unique initial pendants for each of our customers and we can’t wait to make one for you too. You can also head over to this post of ours where we have listed exhaustive design options for all possible two initial combinations or couple initial pendant combinations.

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Wanna Get A Double-Initial Pendant Like Malaika Arora? We Got You Covered by Team KuberBox




Avatar of Shivangi Basu

Shivangi Basu · February 4, 2019 at 1:17 pm

I need the double initial pendant like Malaika. It’s just awesome. All of the designs are unique and cool, I need SR pendant Design. Fall in love with that.

Avatar of Ishaani.veer

Ishaani.veer · February 5, 2023 at 5:01 pm

I want a locket with VR letters

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