Love Danglers? Check Out These Bollywood Divas Flaunt Them Like Queen!

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As the name suggests, danglers are those earrings that dangle down from the earlobe. More often than not, a dangler comprises a hoop, a stud, or a chain that has a pearl, a diamond or gemstone hanging down from it to create a long and elaborate look. The length of danglers usually varies with every design and so do their styles! Today, we are taking a close look at some of the most remarkable danglers worn by the Bollywood celebs we’ve grown to love and adore. What’s more? We’ll also let you know how you can get these stunning jewels to be a part of your collection! Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Well then, let’s get to it right away! 

  1. Jhanvi Kapoor
jhanvi kapoor earring

Although seemingly timid and surprisingly away from the limelight, there’s one thing that makes Jhanvi Kapoor as much as a Bollywood Diva as the next best girl, and that is her impeccable sense of fashion! Right from her dewy make-up looks to her awe-inspiring ensembles, Jhanvi sure knows how to make heads turn around. And we couldn’t be more elated about her selection of jewels either! 

For instance, she looked her elegant best when she adorned her ethnic look with these drop earrings, something that strikes a chord with one of KuberBox’s best sellers –

Azah Pearl Drop Earrings | Starting ₹ 21,011 

And it isn’t just the ethnic look that she nailed, but she also owned her morning glory look with a strapless white number and a pair of stunning danglers! While we may be inept at helping you score the dress, we can surely help you pick the gorgeous earrings! For what they’re worth, your unmatched élan is more or less guaranteed! 

Detachable Pearl Hoop Earring | Starting ₹ 19,775

  1. Deepika Padukone
deepika's pearl hoop earring

When it comes to being a style diva, nobody can possibly come close to Deepika Padukone! While her acting skills have a lot to do with her stardom, her flair for fashion certainly adds to her larger than life image. Of course, we have always been ardent fans of her style mantra, but even we have to agree that she took it many notches above, with this bold white pantsuit especially when she paired it with these diamond danglers that we simply can’t take our eyes off of! If you too have been looking for a pair of earrings as breath-taking as her’s we have got you covered with our –    

Cascading Pearl Hoop Earrings | Starting ₹ 44,743

  1. Madhuri Dixit
madhuri dixit indian look earring

When it comes to unparalleled grace and immaculate dressing sense, it is only seldom that we get to see someone as unwavering as Madhuri Dixit! From being India’s favourite Bollywood Actress to taking a long break and making a comeback, if one thing hasn’t changed, it is Madhuri’s knack for flawlessly pulling off elegant Indian looks! While her elegance is something that’s unique to her, we can surely help get your jewels inspired by her!   

Wondering what we’re talking about? Well take a look at these stunners and you’ll know! Want them in a rose gold finish like hers? Simply pick your finish of choice, while placing the order, and we’ll take care of the rest! Yes. That’s how easy it is to get a customized pair of danglers from KuberBox.

Camilla Chandelier Earrings | Starting ₹32,604

  1. Kriti Sanon
kriti sanon wearing dangler earrings

Yes, yes. We know that possibly every Bollywood actress has, at one point or the other, gone with the much-coveted ChandBali look. But, if you were to ask us, we were particularly flattered when Kriti Sanon gave it her personal touch. Not only did she refrain from wearing any other piece of jewellery so as to keep her danglers as the centre of attraction, but she also ensured that her make-up wasn’t too overbearing so that her stunning earrings got every chance to captivate one and all! Now, that’s precisely how we want our precious jewels to be styled and carried. 

And yes, if you too have been itching for those enchanting danglers, we have just the ideal pick for you! 

Gulmohar Chandbali Earrings | Starting ₹ 1,04,038

When it comes to ensuring that we have the most captivating pair of earrings for you, whether in the form of danglers or drop earrings, studs or hoops, our jewellery designers always have their eyes wide open! Not only do we pioneer numerous ethnic and contemporary designs, but we are also open to offering customized danglers for you! After all, it isn’t always that you choose to spoil yourself, and when you do we want nothing but the best for you! Right from intricate designs to fine craftsmanship, from the use of pure gold to that of valuable diamonds and precious gemstones – danglers from KuberBox have it all.


  1. What is the difference between danglers and drop earrings?

Simply put, a dangler almost always qualifies as a drop earring but not all drop earrings are danglers. More often than not, danglers hang from the ear lobe and are designed such that they freely move from side to side. This isn’t always the case with drop earrings, especially when the drop is closely attached to the stud or hoop, and has no scope for movement.

  1. What are the various types of Dangler Earrings?

Danglers are available in many many designs and styles, the most prominent of which include –

  • Diamond Danglers
  • Chandelier Earrings 
  • Bead Danglers
  • Gemstone Studded Danglers
  • Amethyst Danglers
  • Peridot Danglers
  • Garnet Danglers
  • Citrine Danglers
  1. Which is the most affordable dangler earring at KuberBox?

At KuberBox we always strive to serve the widest range of customers. It is for this very reason that our spectacular range of dangler earrings starts from ₹ 7,418 for the stunning Diana Tiara Earrings! Of course, if you are open to investing more, you can always have a look at our incredibly designed Parchai Drop Earrings and Gulmohar Chandbali Earrings, both costing over ₹ 1,00,000!

Love Danglers? Check Out These Bollywood Divas Flaunt Them Like Queen! by Team KuberBox




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