Spectacular Yellow Diamonds Jewellery

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This video features some really rare and exquisite diamonds & jewellery by Graff Diamonds that was recently revealed and presented during the recently concluded Baselworld 2015. This video is part of the larger collection that was shot by BBC.

If you are looking to get yourself customized jewellery or custom-made jewellery, you can write to us at yourfriends@kuberbox.com. We customize jewellery for a lot of our customers and we would love to do it for you as well. Many times you see a girl wearing a fab ring at a party and then you want the same ring, but you have no idea where to get it from and how much would that cost. That’s when you can look towards us and we will assist you. Just share the sketch, image of the jewellery or just explain your requirements to our designer. We will then get back to you with some rough designs and budgets. You can then select something from there and get yourself a fabulous new jewellery.

So think customization & custom made, think KuberBox. Write to us, we’ll be waiting for your email.

Spectacular Yellow Diamonds Jewellery by Shaila



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Sonal Sahrawat · October 3, 2015 at 4:09 pm

nice! i loved this necklace and ring…..thanks for sharing with us this new design’s ring…..

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