5 Best Gold Rakhi For Your Kid Brother

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In our last post, we covered the Top 7 Gold Rakhi for your elder brother. This is a similar blog post, but this one caters specifically to your kid brother – the young chap who is literally a piece of your heart. If you had been looking to find the best gold rakhi for your chotu, this post will help you select the best one for him. Get ready to have a special Raksha Bandhan this year.

The younger one is always the most pampered and we always hate that during the childhood. But as we grow up, we ourselves develop a protective attitude towards our younger siblings, we don’t want anything in the world to harm them. We start feeling like their guardian and try to protect them from all the bad things, bad people & bad choices. I truly believe that having a younger sibling is the first lesson God teaches us about raising your own kids – as you learn to be more responsible about someone other than yourself.

Raksha Bandhan is always so fun, lots of sweets, exchanging gifts and then the main event – tying of rakhi on brother’s wrists. It is one of the fondest memories I have of my childhood. The preparations for the Raksha Bandhan started much before the actual day of the festival and we sisters went rakhi shopping along with our mothers. Then on the day, we sat all brothers in a row while our moms helped us with the Rakhi thali as we sisters tied rakhis, put tilaks, shared sweets and got gifts. When I was little, it was more about the gifts than the actual rakhi celebrations, but as I started maturing, I cherished this day with my brothers for the laughter we shared. Lucky are those who can still personally tie the rakhi on the Raksha Bandhan day. Other who are not, have to send the rakhi to their brothers.

Best Gold Rakhi

KuberBox has a huge collection of premium gold rakhi that becomes a huge hit during the Raksha Bandhan time. With every passing year, the catalogue keeps swelling up. Although that is a good thing for you, inadvertently, you are left with more options to choose from and that kind of becomes confusing.  So to help you make your selection of the best gold rakhi, we have come up with this post where we will pick our top choices for your younger brother. For your elder brother, you can refer to this post on Top Rakhi for Elder Brother. While selecting the best rakhi from our online rakhi collection for your kid brother, we have kept in mind that the rakhi must be suitable for teenagers and pre-teenagers. If your brother is already past the “kid” tag, it would be better to visit the earlier link shared. Let’s get started with our list.

  1. Unicorn Kids Gold Rakhi – Enameled Cartoon Rakhi

Unicorns are a huge hit these days, and anything with a unicorn design in it looks cute. This brightly coloured gold unicorn rakhi for kids is not just a rakhi, it can be used as a pendant as well.

[magento store=”1″ sku=”RA2027″ prefix=”INR ” suffix=”” title=”h8″]

  1. Lil Tusker Rakhi Pendant – Cute Little Baby Elephant

An enamelled baby elephant design rakhi that looks just way cute with the gold lines and the filled colours. It can be worn as pendants as well.

[magento store=”1″ sku=”RA2055″ prefix=”INR ” suffix=”” title=”h8″]

  1. Personalized Initials Rakhi – A Rakhi for All Age Groups

We had covered this rakhi in our adults’ rakhi section as well, just because it’s so versatile, and it looks so good with different initials. It’s great for kids also because of its moderate size.

[magento store=”1″ sku=”RA2009″ prefix=”INR ” suffix=”” title=”h8″]

  1. Enameled Bear Gold Rakhi – A Joyous & Happy Bear Rakhi Design

A bear with its fluffy hair and chubby body is always cute, and when you show a smiling bear in a colourful avatar, it gets better.

[magento store=”1″ sku=”RA2054″ prefix=”INR ” suffix=”” title=”h8″]

  1. The Pug Kids Gold Rakhi – The Perfect Rakhi cum Pendant

There are always those products where the picture doesn’t do justice to just how great the products are. This pug kids rakhi is one of them, which doesn’t look exceptional in the pictures but when you actually wear them, it shines.

[magento store=”1″ sku=”RA2039″ prefix=”INR ” suffix=”” title=”h8″]

5 Best Gold Rakhi For Your Kid Brother by Shaila




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