Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her – 8 Rocking Ideas

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Well, we know why you are here. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner & you still haven’t figured out the perfect gift for her; a gift, a token of love that can deeply convey the beautiful relationship you two share. Worry not, we’ve got your back. Millions of men in love all over the world must be scratching their brains out, just as you are. Each one of them wants their gift to be so special and so spectacular that it just stands out on that special day. More importantly, the gift must really be something that she’ll always hold close to her heart. And, this is no small occasion – it’s one of the most awaited days for a couple in a relationship.  And yes, we are well aware of the gifts that you have already thought about – chocolates, bouquet, movie date, dinner date, watches, perfumes, photo frames, iPhones. BORRIINNGGGG.

Alphabet Pendant Lock, Key & Heart Pendant Gold Photo Lockets
Initials with Hearts Name & Initial Ring Detachable Couple's Pendant
Matching His & Her Rings Engravable Pendant Heart Shaped Rings
Heart Shaped Jewellery Gold Name Pendant Ready to Ship Jewellery

To save you from this dilemma & to help you put together a great gift that is reflective of your relationship & your identity, we have put together an awesome list. You have landed on the right page if you were looking for the Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her. This list will help you pick up that one unique gift which has the power to make her happy like no other thing.  And if you are a lady reading this, there are the things that you can add to your wish list now. Or maybe, try forwarding him the link to this article & let’s hope that he gets the hint. So now let’s start with our ultimate guide for personalised Valentine’s Day gifting.

Initial Letter Inside Gold Heart Pendant

Estimated Price – Rs.7000 & Above

Gold heart pendants or for that matter any heart shaped jewellery is a great option for Valentine’s Day Gift. But since this list is only for personalised gifting ideas, her initials inside a heart-shaped gold frame would be loved by her. You can either stud her initials with diamond and keep the heart shape plain gold or you can have the heart shape studded with diamonds while having the initials in plain metal.



The Initial Letter ‘S’ Placed Inside The Heart

Couple’s Initials Gold Pendant

Estimated Price – Rs.6000 & Above

You can also go with a heart pendant having both your initials inside it or maybe a pendant having just your initials. This pendant has all the traits of a thoughtful and personalised Valentine’s Day gift. There are numerous variants in this category to choose from.


Couple’s Initials Pedant In Gold


Pendant Necklace With Couple’s Initials & A Heart In Between


The couple’s initials without the heart shape

Heart Pendant Having the Couple's Initials SD

Heart Pendant Having the Couple’s Initials SD

Gold Couple Bands

Estimated Price – Rs.25000 & Above

Gold couple bands are actually one of the best anniversary gifts but fit well into Valentines’ gifting as well. What better than to have one such ring for both of you whose true meaning emerges only when they are placed next to each other. On their own, they mean nothing individually.

Gold Couple band India

A Couple Band Which Forms A Heart Shape When Kept Close

Name Necklace

Estimated Price – Rs.7500 & Above

Diamond name necklace crafted in gold has the ability to sweep her off her feet. Be careful & make sure you are around to catch her as she falls. There are hundreds of variations of this pendant necklace – numerous fonts that you can write her name in, numerous sizes, with or without diamonds, italics, bold and so on. Check out our name pendants


Diamond Studded Name Necklace Pendant

Plain Gold Name Necklace Pendant

Plain Gold Name Necklace Pendant

Initial Pendants

Estimated Price – Rs.7000 & Above

One of the safest & evergreen gifts is a gold pendant crafted with her initials. This is very personal & would surely be admired by her. She’d always wear it close to her heart & probably use it quite frequently. One trap with this pendant is that there is a good chance she already has an initial pendant. But there’s a solution too. There are innumerable ways to design and create an initial pendant and thus whatever you gift will also be a new & unique addition to her collection.


The Initial Pendant For Letter M


Other Design Options For Initial Pendants

Couple Gold Photo Lockets

Estimated Price – Rs.13000 & Above

How about having both of your pictures placed securely inside a gold photo locket? Wouldn’t it be nice for her to wear something like this around her neck? We say YES. Photo lockets have been in use since ages and they also carry huge heritage value. Such personalised jewels are the stuff that people cherish many years after you have gifted them. The emotional value of such a personalised gift surmounts all other aspects of this beautiful gift.


A Gold Locket Having Provision To Insert Couple’s Photos

Engraving on Ring

Estimated Price – Rs.6000 & Above (along with the ring price)

Engraving on a gold ring or your diamond ring is the easiest way to personalise a gift. The engraving can be done either on the inner or on the outer of the ring. Engraving is unique because of the ease of doing it and also the array of options available. People generally engrave their anniversary date, each other’s names, love messages, forever messages and their initials on the ring. The engraved ring is most prevalent among wedding & engagement rings.


Date Engraved Gold Ring


Engraved Message on Ring


Name Engraved On Ring


Engraved Gold Bracelets

Estimated Price – Rs.25000 & Above

Another sparkling idea for customised Valentine’s Day gift is the engraved bracelet. These bracelets generally have a flat gold rectangular plate at the centre connected via link chain. This plate along with the chain can be worn around the wrist as a bracelet. For Valentine’s gift, you can have her name laser engraved on this metal plate along with heart symbols and probably a love message.


Engraved Gold Bracelet

With all these options & knowledge, you are now ready to choose the right gift for your love. Before you start dancing with excitement, here’s a word of caution. If you are planning to go with such gifts, it helps if you plan in advance. Because of the nature of gold jewellery, it may take some time for retailers to manufacture this kind of customised jewellery for you. Therefore, to avoid the case where your order reaches you post the 14th February deadline, order at least 15-20 days in advance. This would allow sufficient time for retailers to understand your requirement, make it to perfection and deliver to you before 14th February. Also, it’s generally a good idea to get the package delivered to a friend’s or cousin’s address as you don’t want to let go of the surprise element. Surprises are important, and they can multiply the effect of this special gift. Good luck Mr Man.


And worry not, if you plan to get these made especially for you, your favourite online jeweller – KuberBox.com can customise and make this for you. All you gotta do is reach out to us on yourfriends@kuberbox.com or call us on +91-8764443300. We will provide you with the price estimation as per your design requirement and as soon as you approve, we will get working on it. You can also contact us through the LIVE CHAT feature on kuberbox.com. We have also launched a new collection called VALENTINE LOVE COLLECTION & if you are looking to buy her something directly from the store, you should definitely check this out – Valentine’s Day Jewellery Collection.

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  1. How can I propose to my girlfriend on Valentine’s Day?

Find a chance and gift her something that she’ll always hold close to her heart. It could be:

  1. Initial Letter Inside Gold Heart Pendant (Estimated Price – Rs.7000 & Above)
  2. Couple’s Initials Gold Pendant (Estimated Price – Rs.6000 & Above)
  3. Name Necklace (Estimated Price – Rs.7500 & Above)
  4. Initial Pendants (Estimated Price – Rs.7000 & Above)

2. When should I give my girlfriend jewellery?

Valentine’s Day!! And, this is no small occasion – it’s one of the most awaited days for a couple in a relationship. Make it a memorable one by gifting her a beautiful piece of jewellery. It can be a customized piece of jewellery, check out our ultimate guide for personalised Valentine’s Day jewellery gifting.

Ultimate Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Her - 8 Rocking Ideas by Shaila




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