Top 5 Nose Ring Designs for Your Bridal Look – No Piercing Required!

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As a bride, you may often get too buried in the tens of dresses, hundreds of arrangements, and thousand other details. Hence, it shouldn’t come as a surprise, if you still haven’t decided on one of the smallest yet extremely significant parts of your ensemble – Your Nose Pin also known as the Nath! Now that we’ve drawn your attention to this piece of jewellery, you don’t need us to tell you the magic a simple Nath has created for all brides since time immemorial. And of course, which bride in the making doesn’t remember the gorgeous brides that Anushka Sharma, Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra were and none without a scintillating nose ring! 

That said, you don’t need to go with a Nath that’s explicitly traditional if that’s not your style. Not only can you always choose a fusion nath that brings together the best of both – conventional as well as contemporary designs, but you can also opt for a mix of gold and diamond for this impeccable piece of jewellery! 

Okay, so enough said. It’s probably time to take a look at 5 of the most impressive Nose Rings that can surely be a part of your bridal look. And guess what? You won’t even need a nose piercing to rock any of these impeccably stylish Nose Rings! Now, doesn’t that sound truly exhilarating? So, let’s get started.

Must Have Nose Ring Designs

  1. Bindu Bridal Nath

Nose ring designs - bridal nose ring

A modern twist to the Traditional Bridal Nath, also known as Danda, this offering made in 18Kt Gold has been meticulously created by using a string of two white pearls sandwiching a red one! The twist comes from the 14 pieces of diamond that add a contemporary appeal to it. Ideal for brides willing to wear the colour Red on the D-day, this nath is as elegant as it is chic. What makes it even more enticing is the fact that it features an easy-to-use screw mechanism, which can be used to ensure a snug fit without the need for a nose piercing!

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  1. Stark Screw Nose Ring

screw nose ring

If you’ve been on the lookout for a Nose Ring design that is dominated by elegance, with subtle hues of tradition then the Stark Screw Nose Ring will put an end to your search. Beautifully crafted using as many as 11 diamonds studded across a circular gold frame, this nose ring can be worn on almost any colour and style of bridal attire. To ensure a great fit, all you need to do is screw it until it is snug and you are at ease! 

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  1. Alizeh Diamond Nose Ring 

diamond non pierced nose ring

Remember we spoke about Anushka Sharma just a few minutes ago? Well, that wasn’t without a reason. The Alizeh Nose Ring is, in fact, inspired by the character played by Anushka in the movie Ae Dil Hai Mushkil – Alizeh! Right from its unique shape and form, to the fact that it is studded with a whopping 17 pieces of diamonds, everything about this nose ring is simply outstanding. And as you know by now, this one again does not need any nose piercing. All you need to do is press it from both ends until you get just the right fit, and you are good to go!

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PRO TIP – As your wedding day approaches, try wearing the nose ring for 4-5 hours each day so that you get used to it. Trust us, it will add to the comfort you feel on your wedding day!

  1. Traditional Diamond Spring Nath

traditional diamond nose nath

Want your bridal look to be simply breathtaking? Well, then nothing could possibly help you more than this gorgeous Diamond Nath! Its curvaceous nose ring design, its sparkly diamonds, and its magnificent drops – every aspect of this diamond studded gold nath is awe-inspiring. And that’s before we even get to mention that it is perfect for non-pierced noses!

So, what are you waiting for? Get this Diamond Nath and amp up your wedding look. Click here to buy.

  1. Traditional Diamond Nath 

diamond nath without pierced

Are you someone with a penchant for statement pieces? If yes, then this Nose Ring is perfect for you! A stunning creation in gold, perfected with the use of diamonds, a standout frame and more importantly a tear-drop design. Everything about this Nath shouts magnificence at its best, which is why it will help bring out the opulence of your wedding attire. And thanks to its adjustable screw type mechanism, it will offer a spectacular fit on your non-pierced nose without any hassle, whatsoever. 

Make your bridal look a one to remember, simply by adding this Diamond Nose Ring! Click here to buy it right away. 

Nose Rings Designs Without Piercing FAQs:

What are the types of Nose Rings I can wear, if I don’t have a nose piercing? 

Well, there are essentially two types of nose rings that are ideal for non-pierced noses – 

  • Hoop Nose Rings; featuring a captive piece at one end, which is often used to create an extra flair
  • Seamless Nose Rings; which wrap all around the nostril giving a more authentic appeal

Why is Nath or Nose Ring an important part of the bridal wear?

In the Indian context, Nath is considered to be one of the Solah Shringar (16 Adornments) that ought to be a part of the bridal look. Hence, the Nose Ring is often considered an indispensable aspect of the bride’s ensemble. 

What Type of Nath should I buy?

In case, you are not a regular wearer of nose rings, we recommend you buy a nath that you feel comfortable with. Check whether it comes with an adjustable screw setting, or it is a press on, or whether it has a spring to help get that fit. Depending on your preferred mechanism choose the nose ring. This is especially crucial if you are choosing a nose ring for your wedding day, as you’d want to be as comfortable as possible!

Top 5 Nose Ring Designs for Your Bridal Look – No Piercing Required! by Team KuberBox




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