Traditionally Yours

Diamond Mangalsutra

The All-important Diamond Mangalsutra & Tanmaniyas.

Traditionally Yours

Diamond Mangalsutra

The All-important Diamond Mangalsutra & Tanmaniyas.

Diamond Mangalsutras

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A Mangalsutra is that sacred jewellery that defines a married Hindu women. That may look like a sweeping statement, but let us explain further. Though not all Hindu castes mandate the use of diamond mangalsutra , brides themselves these days are keen to adorn the mangalsutras whether or not mandated by their families or rituals. The mangalsutra has evolved from just being a sacred sign of a married woman to being an individualistic choice for married women. Different castes like Bengali, Marwari, Oriya, Kashmiri, Tamil, Telugu, Malyali, Maharashtrian, Goan, Punjabi, Pahadi, Gujarati and others have their own rituals. But regardless of that, women are not holding themselves back from wearing those shiny gold and diamond mangalsutras and declaring their married status. We offer plentiful designs of Diamond Mangalsutras Online in varied designs.


Maybe you have never bought a precious mangalsutra online , or maybe you are just not that comfortable in buying high value gold and diamond mangalsutra, but with our easy to use interface and authentic jewellery, you will always find designs to yearn for. Once you select the design, you can customize the mangalsutra with your required gold purity, diamond grade and gold colour and proceed to order the product. We have secure online payment as well as cash on delivery facility for all your orders. Your mangalsutra order is then manufactured lovingly at our Jaipur facility and then packed beautifully and shipped along with shipping insurance.


If the purity and authenticity of the gold in your mangalsutra is something that you worry about, fret not. KuberBox also provides hallmarked gold mangalsutra. Every mangalsutra is also shipped with relevant diamond certificates from reputed third party laboratories like SGL, IGI & GIA.


Some of you may be confused between mangalsutra and tanmaniya. Let us clear out the confusion for you. A tanmaniya is the pendant part made of gold and diamond with two circular loops on the either side of it for the purpose of attaching the chain to it. When the tanmaniya is attached to the chain, the whole set of tanmaniya and chain is then called Mangalsutra. Alternatively, in general usage, tanmaniya is also referred to as Mangalsutra Pendant .


KuberBox is proud to be the only online jewellery shopping website that has the regional mangalsutras for all the different castes and states. Our designers and content creators did a detailed research and we have come up with numerous regional & South Indian mangalsutra designs. We have many varieties of Tamil Thali Mangalsutra , Andhra Bottu Mangalsutra , Maharashtrian Vati Mangalsutra , Kerala Minnu Mangalsutra , Kannada Mangalsutra , Goan Mangalsutra & the North Indian Mangalsutra.


Mangalsutras, by nature, are expensive form or jewellery. They are made of gold and diamonds and are quite bigger in size. Therefore they consume more gold and tend to be costlier. Still, at KuberBox we have worked hard and designed mangalsutras such that the prices are less than INR 10000. You can find few quality designs of mangalsutras under ten thousand rupees.



Not just the lowest end, we have mangalsutra designs for high taste as well. The designs are luxuriously studded in diamonds with the base made of gold. Some of these grand pieces are convertible and multi-purpose jewellery. They can also be worn as a pendant.


In the recent times, we have seen good demand from women for custom made mangalsutra designs. The tastes have evolved from mangalsutra being just about traditional motif to women going for husband's name, their title such as Mrs, their surname, etc and wearing it as a mangalsutra. Often times, women are also looking for bracelet mangalsutra which will have beaded chain and the mangalsutra hanging as a charm. This trend is thanks to Shilpa Shetty who was first spotted with this.


Men, we have you covered. Mangalsutras are the most authentic wedding night and karwa chauth gift. If mangalsutra was not part of your wedding ritual, you possibly want to gift one to your wife after the wedding. If your wife has been wearing the same mangalsutra design for a long time, you maybe want to upgrade it and gift her a new set. In either of the cases, we understand that you may face difficulty in picking up the right product for her. That is where we come in. We can hand hold you into selecting the perfect diamond mangalsutra for her.


We invite you to buy diamond mangalsutra online on KuberBox. Here you have the reliability of a trusted jeweller along with a abundance of designs and varieties. We have been priced at 30% below the market rates. We deliver all over India and abroad with cities like Bhopal, Guwahati, Jodhpur, Surat, Mumbai, Hyderabad & Delhi being covered. Buy online from anywhere in India and we will deliver it to your doorsteps.

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