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Diamond Education - Diamond Clarity

Diamonds are found in the earth thus almost all of them contain natural flaws and impurities. These flaws are called diamond inclusions and are caused by carbon deposits or small feather cracks while the diamond is formed. The clarity of a diamond represents the type, number, position and size of flaws which are present in the diamond. Diamond clarity is specified by a grading system as shown in the table below:

  • Clarity Grading Scale Description
  • FL Flawless - No blemishes or inclusions visible to a skilled grader using 10x magnification.
  • IF Internally flawless - No visible internal imperfections, but may have minor surface blemishes visible when using a 10x microscope.
  • VVS1-VVS2 Very, very slightly included - Inclusions that are extremely difficult for a skilled observer to locate using a 10x microscope.
  • VS1-VS2 Very slightly included - Very small inclusions that are very difficult for a skilled observer to locate using a 10x microscope.
  • SI1-SI2 Slightly included - Refers to diamonds which have small inclusions that can be easily located using a 10x microscope.
  • I1-I3 Imperfect -Contains very obvious inclusions that can usually be seen with the naked eye.

It is quite important to choose a diamond that does not have any inclusions or impurities. If you want that your diamond should be completely clean then go with diamonds graded VS2 or higher. It is also a good idea to match the clarity grade of your diamond with the color. If you are looking diamonds in the D-F color range, pick clarity grades of VS2 or higher. Diamonds in the G-I color range matched with SI clarity are brilliant.