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Browse Unique Gold Name Pendants Designs and Order Your Custom-made Name Pendant Today

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Gold name pendant

Gold name pendants are a very popular item. Especially, white gold name pendants. They provide an expression of individuality during important moments in life. And they make great gifts.

A gold name pendant allows you, or someone you love, to add a piece of spectacular personalized jewellery to yours (or their) wardrobe.

Buying gold name pendants online

If you are looking for the best place to purchase gold name jewelry online, you want to go with a company that only offers hallmarked and certified gold. Which is what we at KuberBox provide. We also offer a 30 day no-questions-asked exchange, and efficient international shipping

Our luxury jewelry is extremely popular because it is high quality while still being affordable. On our site you will find it is easy and straightforward to navigate around the site and find what you are looking for.

Frequently asked questions about gold name pendants

At KuberBox we receive a lot of questions about gold name pendants. While we are always happy to answer questions we receive, we thought it would be best to publish some of the more common ones here.

Everything from what exactly is a gold pendant? To which kinds of gold do we offer? As well as questions about chains, pendants as gifts, and more.

If you have a question that is not found here, please feel free to contact our team via our website.

What is a gold name pendant?

A gold name pendant, also known as gold name locket, is a gold piece of jewelry—sometimes adorned with diamonds—that hangs from a chain or thread worn around the neck. The chain or thread can be either silver or gold, and is usually between 18 and 20 inches.

A gold pendant can be anything a name, a word, combination of letters, to a religious symbol, an icon, a military symbol or something quirky like a basketball pendant. Gold name pendants are quite popular, and tend to make for good gifts.

A gold pendant with a name on it, or a pendant that is customized to include a name is quite a common, well-received gift.

What types of gold are available for pendants?

Did you know that gold in its purest form can’t be used for jewelry? Pure gold would wear out quickly because it is too malleable and too soft. That is why gold is combined with an alloy to make it more durable and stronger. The higher the karatage of the gold means it is purer, and so less durable.

There are 4 different types of gold available for gold pendants:

1. White gold

White gold is made by combining white metals like palladium, nickel or silver with pure gold and usually has a rhodium coating. Because of the metals white gold is combined with it is more durable than yellow gold.

In recent times, white gold has become more popular than yellow gold.

2. Yellow gold

Yellow gold is the gold closest in color to pure gold. To make it stronger it is alloyed with silver, zinc or copper.

3. Dual tone gold

Dual tone gold is literally just two colors of gold (rose, yellow, or white) soldered together to form one piece of jewelry. On a pendant this can be used to stunning effect. A name in one color of gold and adornments like stars, crowns, or i’s dotted with a different color.

4. Rose gold

Rose gold is not a naturally occurring color. In order to achieve this color pure gold is combined with either silver or copper.

Do pendants come with a chain?

Most pendants for sale on KuberBox do not come with a chain. The best way to check before purchasing your gold name pendant is to check the product details of each pendant. Before the ‘Metal Details’ of each pendant there is a line directly above which mentions whether or not a chain or thread is included.

What is the ideal chain length for a pendant?

The ideal chain length of a pendant depends on who is wearing the pendant, and their preference. Some prefer to wear a pendant on a short chain or thread of about 14”. The longest anyone would want (again, depending on the size of the neck and how low you want the pendant) is 24”.

Stereotypically, women wear pendants on shorter chains or threads. And men wear them on longer. This is because, usually, men are not wearing them so they stand out against their outfit, but rather to accent what they’re wearing—or it is tucked beneath their shirt.

And while women also sometimes do this, they more often will wear the pendant over the top as an accessory that complements their clothes and other jewelry.

Do gold name pendants make good gifts?

Yes. Gold name pendants (also called gold name lockets) make excellent gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, and valentine’s day. Gold name pendants for gifts tend to be studded with diamonds.

For example: the Lovely Indu Name Pendant in our anniversary lines of gold name pendants. You can customize the name of this name in gold studded with diamonds. The butterfly after the name has 19 diamonds, and the first letter has 7 to 13 diamonds.

This amazing piece of jewelry so lovely and stylish your partner will definitely want to show it off. The other letter pendants in our anniversary selection offer a similar stylish beauty and elegance.

Are these pendants suitable for men, as well as women?

KuberBox offer pendants specifically design for men, for women, and some that are considered unisex. Whatever your tastes, or your loved one’s tastes, KuberBox has something for everyone and every occasion.

On this page you will see on the left-hand side in the refine by section, the option to refine your search by men, women or unisex. You will also see other options to refine your search to find the ring gold name pendant to suit your online shopping needs.

Buying gold name pendants(गोल्ड नेम पेंडेंट) online

The best way to buy gold name pendants online is by visiting an ecommerce store that provides certified diamonds and hallmarked gold. Don’t settle for mediocre quality. You can get affordable, high-quality gold name pendants shipped to anywhere in the world from KuberBox.

For information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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