Why I Buy Jewelry From KuberBox & Why You Must Too

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High Quality Nose Pin Jewelry Designs At Affordable Prices Made By KuberBox 

Greetings to everyone and thank you for reading this blog post as I share with you my jewelry shopping experiences and why KuberBox has become my preferred online jeweler. My name is Mary Conrad and I reside in New Jersey, which is located on the East coast of the United States of America. I am 49 years old and married with two young adult children. 

That’s me

After my husband and I traveled to visit the northern central part of India in 2014, I was amazed by the true beauty of jewelry offerings there and started to purchase anklets, toe rings, earrings, pendants and chains, and even a few pairs of bangles for myself from various online jewelers located in Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, and Jaipur. In my opinion, the quality, pricing, design choices, and purity of gold used in India for jewelry making far surpasses most of what can be found here in America. I made the decision to get my nostril pierced a few years ago and began my quest in search of fine gold nose jewelry that I could adorn in my new piercing. I did not have much luck with retailers here in America because most nose jewelry offerings made here use low quality metal or gold plating and fake colored gems. Cheap fashion jewelry has never been my style. My taste in jewelry has always been for genuine diamonds and gemstones set in solid gold. 

women celebrating gudi padwa
Women Celebrating Gudi Padwa | Credits

Since India has a rich cultural tradition with regard to nose piercing that spans for several centuries, I decided to purchase some designs online from companies with whom I had previously done business. To my surprise, after a few successful purchases, I had one company attach the nose pin wire going in the opposite direction from all of my previous purchases which made for very difficult insertion. I had another company go from offering free shipping to suddenly no longer offering international shipping. There were also some companies that charged an outrageous fee for shipping to America making it cost prohibitive to purchase anything of small value from them. 

In my frustration of trying to find an online jeweler to satisfy my desire for a large and unique nose pin collection featuring different gemstones and diamonds, I came across the website for KuberBox and decided to give them a try in the early part of 2018. I have been a customer of KuberBox for the past 2 years now and have purchased several different nose pin designs from them. I can honestly say that KuberBox has a wonderful high quality selection of jewelry at affordable prices.   The customer happiness team member Nancy as well as the manager Kajal at KuberBox have both been amazing at promptly answering my inquiries and giving me reasonable price quotes for the different requests I have with regard to using various gemstones and diamonds. 

Certificate and
The certificate & the box that KuberBox provides.

The designs I choose to have made as is from the website with diamonds always come out wonderfully because the diamonds have such a terrific sparkle. All diamond purchases from KuberBox come with a certificate so that the items can be trusted as genuine. The team at KuberBox has even made me some totally custom nose pin designs from renderings that I have provided to them. The creativity seems endless with the team at KuberBox in regard to filling my desire for a large and unique nose pin jewelry collection with a wide assortment of genuine gemstones and diamonds.   I highly encourage everyone to give KuberBox a try. Whether it is a stock item from their website or a gemstone customization to an existing item or a totally new crafted design being made, KuberBox can do it all to satisfy your jewelry needs and desires in both 14kt and 18kt gold. 

Here are some of the pieces that I bought

Note from KuberBox: The above blog is an email testimonial that is reproduced as-is from the email sent by Mary. Mary is our loyal customer from USA who we revere and who chose to give KuberBox a try around two years back. She loved our jewellery and service, so much so that she has purchased 45+ pieces of jewellery from us, which were all shipped to her USA home from India. We asked her what is it that we offer uniquely in comparison with other online and offline jewellers that she has chosen to order all her jewellery with us. We asked her to write a post about it so that we could share with the larger buyer community of KuberBox. She gracefully accepted and delivered the above blog post (in spite of the fact that she has never written anything for public viewing ever). Further, she graciously reviews all her purchases on our website with a picture of her wearing the jewellery. She has a fond taste in nose pins and loves to customize them with colourful genuine gemstones that we love sourcing for her. She is not just an important customer for KuberBox but a gem of a person and most importantly, a true friend. We are lucky to know her closely.

Why I Buy Jewelry From KuberBox & Why You Must Too by Team KuberBox




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