The 100 Carat Flawless Diamond That’s Worth $25 Mn

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Termed as the “The Ultimate Emerald Cut Diamond“, this beauty weighs 100.20 carats & was first mined by the De Beers Diamond company in its South African mines. This diamond is the largest and rarest such gem in the world right now. It weighed around 200 carats originally when De Beers first mined it and later it was bought by an individuals who wants to remain anonymous. This anonymous person spent a whole year studying this stone and cutting it to come out with an Internally Flawless (IF) solitaire diamond that now weights 100.20 carats and shows no presence of nitrogen (considered to be an impurity in diamonds). If you wish to understand the magnitude of its size, image having a 9 Volt Duracell DC battery as the stone on your engagement ring. That is how big it is.9v-DC-battery-300x225

This person has spent considerable time and money working on this rough diamond to finish it into this exquisite piece and thus what the world sees as an overnight success, is in actuality a result of hours and hours of dedicated work.

Sotheby’s New York plans to auction this 100-carat flawless diamond in its upcoming “Magnificent Jewels” auction on April 21st. Coincidentally, this auction falls on the same date as the date when the auspicious Akshaya Tritiya would be celebrated in India. This 100-carat flawless diamond is expected to fetch between $19-25 Mn when this auction goes underway on April 21st, 2015. The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) has determined this diamond to be of colour D, clarity IF and has also stated that it falls under Type IIA Diamonds. If successful, the 100-carat flawless diamond will become one of the only five diamonds weighing more than 100 carats to be successfully auctioned.

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Some more high-resolution images of this eye candy 

100 carat flawless diamond perfect sothebys (15)100 carat flawless diamond perfect sothebys (15)100 carat flawless diamond perfect sothebys (15) 100 carat flawless diamond perfect sothebys (15) 100 carat flawless diamond perfect sothebys (15)

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The 100 Carat Flawless Diamond That's Worth $25 Mn by Shaila




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