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This post is about online jewellery, but let’s not begin with that. Let’s dive a little into the past and try to remember the things that we used to struggle with and have now become so simple by going online.

  • No more haggling with auto rickshaws, just book an Uber
  • Hungry much? Order away on the Zomato app
  • Forgot to launder your suit for tomorrow’s party? Call Stainwash
  • Want salon services but your lil baby keeping you occupied? There’s Urbanclap for that.

The online shopping phenomenon has taken the world by storm, and we at KuberBox are all in. Shopping from the comfort of your sofa, while finishing that tub of ice cream you’ve been craving the entire week could not sound like a better plan. From clothes to shoes and now even vegetables and fruits, there is a wide selection of products available just a click away. With stores dedicated to delivering the best quality products and the fresh farm-produced foods, no one is saying no to a service like that.

Why should that be any different when it comes to Diamond jewellery, an accessory you adorn every day?

Buying Jewellery

Searching for the right pair of earrings or an irresistible ring could take months, let alone hours. We understand the emotions and decisions that go into making these important choices at KuberBox. Haggling at stores, trying all the tricks you’ve learnt hoping to achieve the best possible deal, is not the way a transaction involving valuable jewellery should be carried out.

On the other hand, online jewellery shopping does not only mean buying a big wedding set that comes with a necklace, a maang tika, earrings and of course bangles. Sets that can only be worn to occasions and take up, a big chunk of your bank account and a fair amount of energy.

The concept of diamond jewellery has changed dramatically over the years. Women are now moving their style to jewellery pieces they can wear every day, which means to the office, to an event, a party and maybe carry it on into the night. It has become more about the jewel’s practicality, the emotions attached to the piece and the easy of carrying it.

Jewellery is about designs, motifs inspired from different eras, festivals, religions and beliefs. Designs are evolving, becoming lighter and intricate and very fashionable. Well-informed customers are looking for good quality pieces over price. Treated stones just won’t cut the deal anymore. Customers demand complete transparency, from diamonds to the coloured stones, gems that are set in a piece need certificates and hallmarks both of which come with each KuberBox piece of jewellery.

Gold Earrings under INR 10000

Gone are the days when your granny’s jewellery would have been set under her watchful eye, where ladies would take their stones to the jeweller’s workshops and sit in front of them while they set their diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and rubies. Of all the jewellery my mother and grandmother collected over the years, some that I distinctly remember are her pearls. I remember a beautiful Kashmiri lady would come with a trunk almost as heavy as her own body weight in total, that was oozing with pearls, gemstone beads and 22K gold jewellery set with some of the most spectacular gemstones I had ever seen. Her jewellery and gems were great, but she was never able to produce a certificate of authenticity with any piece let alone the quality of the gems. It was always on the basis of trust, leaving my mother quite sceptical about each purchase. Many such jewellers and Joharis’ are known to have sold substandard goods over the years. Often, they were without the required certification and turned out to be of a lower karat, when checked by assayers.

Our statistical data revealed 70% of all the jewellery made from local goldsmiths in and before 90’s contained less pure gold than claimed by the goldsmiths.

No one these days would choose to buy a piece from a jeweller with a restricted selection, sub-standard goods with no certification. Jewellery education has changed the old fashioned way and now everyone looks for a certificate of authenticity when buying a piece.

Is Buying Diamond Jewellery Online Better?

You might be sitting on the fence when it comes to buying real gold jewellery online but with you can be assured that there would be nothing to worry about.

You might be a little doubtful or sceptical about buying a REAL gold and diamond jewellery online. Many times you must have abandoned your plans even after adding the selected jewellery to your shopping cart, unable to gather the courage & trust to transact in multiples of thousand of rupees online. Maybe some of the below thoughts were cropping up in your mind?

  • Is it safe to buy gold jewellery online?
  • Can the online gold jewellery be trusted?
  • How can online jewellery be so affordable?
  • What if I don’t like the jewellery that I buy Online?
  • How will I exercise my right to lifetime exchange or buy back?
  • Will my jewellery purchase be reported to the government?
  • Will I get a diamond certificate?
  • Am I being charged fairly for buying jewellery online?
  • How will the jewellery be shipped to me?
  • What if my jewellery is lost in transit?
  • Will the online jewelry be hallmarked?
  • Will I get a bill for buying jewellery online?

That is why, through this article, we will try and put some facts in front of you to show you how buying diamond jewellery online is much better than how you imagine it to be. We will talk about how buying jewellery online on stands against buying jewellery from a local neighbourhood shop.

We believe in transparency, and so you, our customer will know exactly why you’re getting and how. Let’s take you through the advantages that will surely trump over your offline local jeweller.

Our exceptional selection of gold jewellery offers you a choice for every occasion. Be it a fancy wedding ring or dangling jhumkis for a family night, we have just the right jewels for you. And, if we don’t have it in our selection, we can always custom-make it for you.

Being one of the top 10 startups creating a stir in the jewellery industry, KuberBox offers its treasured customers an absolutely easy shopping experience. We will discuss on the following parameters in this article and try to explain you our stand on this –


Here’s why you should re-consider buying from your local family jeweller and go for instead.


Certification of diamonds has become a highly demanded requirement these days from clients all across the globe. The growing graph of synthetic diamonds treated stones and composite products being used without proper disclosure has created a big scare within the market. Reputable laboratories that specialise in the certification of coloured stones and diamonds now issue reports that are available online and clearly state the quality of the diamond. From colour, cut, clarity and carat weight each certificate has an unbiased third party opinion of the diamond that holds true about the diamond’s actual features.

Local Family Jeweller
Does not provide authentic third party & internationally recognised diamond certification. Instead provided a self-certified warranty card, in which they can claim the diamonds to be of any grade as per their convenience.

Sample –

Self certified diamond certificate

Self-certified diamond certificate

Every piece of diamond-studded jewellery is delivered along with a diamond lab report cum certificate issued by an internationally recognised third party laboratory. Read more about diamond certification here



Lab issued diamond certificate

Lab issued diamond certificate

Read more on how not to get fooled while buying gold jewellery. This is a post written by our team where we tell you how to identify if your gold and diamond is genuine or not.


Many times we buy jewellery and then realise that the piece perhaps does not suit the skin tone, or is a bad omen for a religious event. Maybe it’s not just what you really wanted. At KuberBox, a company that was started on the premise to offer the best service, we understand that and have created our policies to match these evolving customer demands. Our “30 Day Free Returns” policy gives you the freedom to get comfortable with your purchase or return it back to us, no questions asked.

Local Family Jeweller
No returns would be accepted once the jewellery is purchased and paid for. If you want to return, you have to forego making charges and other deductions.


Full 30 days are given to every customer to see, test and try on the jewellery. Within 30 days, the customer can request for returns and get 100% refund on completed returns.

100% return accepted


Hallmarked jewellery has become highly desirable when it comes to gold and silver jewellery. This is because as gold and silver appreciate over time, in times of need you can always resell your assets for the current trending market rate. But if your jeweller is cheating you by selling you substandard goods you will never be able to achieve the same value.

Local Family Jeweller
May or may not provide hallmarked goods depending on the clients. May also provide fake hallmark stamp from non-BIS approved/affiliated agencies.


Each jewellery piece created at KuberBox will always be hallmarked with the BIS stamp from a government authorised gold hallmarking and assaying centre.

Understanding the BIS hallmark sign

Read this post by our team where we tell you how to identify hallmarked gold.


Cutting out the middlemen & showroom maintenance cost allows us to offer you the best possible rates at a wholesale level. Not just the offline shops, if you compare to other online retailers, you can be sure you will always get a better rate on our site.

Local Family Jeweller
The price varies from customer to customer. It’s always about how much profit can be made from the customer. Minimum information about the product and its quality is revealed and the pricing is ambiguous. Moreover, a genuine tax-paid invoice is seldom provided.


Transparent and publicly visible pricing for all jewellery. Price uniformity for all our customers. All details pertaining to every product is provided online. A tax paid invoice is provided to all the customers so there is rarely anything to worry about.



Working with a collection of fabulous designers, each with their unique skills and talents, we are able to create a range of designs in every category. From lightweight daily wear jewellery to cocktail rings for a fancy night out or even a big jewellery set, we have it all. Online jewellery is the way to go. We can also always create a piece just for you, on the basis of your detailed specifications.

Local Family Jeweller
Since all the products are manufactured and then kept in the shop/showroom, the inventory costs are huge. As a result, the offline retailers need to keep bigger margins to sustain their business. This also results in them having a limited selection for different categories of jewellery. You don’t get a broad range to choose from.


We follow a made-to-order model and therefore we are able to keep margins low. Since all products (jewellery) are not kept in the inventory, we usually offer a really wide range of selection for all categories of jewellery. We have more than 2500 unique designs just for you to choose from & we keep adding 150 new designs every month.



Jewellery is always very special, be it your granny’s pair of earrings that you now wear with pride or the engagement ring your fiancé and you picked up together to celebrate your love. At KuberBox we understand the importance of owning a customised piece of gold jewellery. We also know the pain one goes through while trying to get a custom made jewellery. Some providers may agree to create a custom made jewellery for you, but the look of the jewellery made may vary from the design provided by you. Few others may take months to manufacture it. Keeping in mind all the various pains that the customer goes through, our process is designed to provide you maximum selection and quickest turnaround time. Moreover, we do not start working on a design before showing you a 3D view of the design that you want. Only once you check and approve the 3D design created by our designers do we proceed with actual manufacturing in gold and diamonds. For complex designs, we even provide dummy pieces for you to wear and approve. So, even if you would like to build the entire piece from scratch, all you need to do is get in touch with us and we will take you through the whole process.

Local Family Jeweller
Usually, they are not equipped to offer you the flexibility to customize a piece of jewellery with your choice of gold colour and diamond quality. You will have to purchase as is available with them.

If at all you need a fully customized piece made, most local providers will not be able to fulfil your order. And if they do, they will need a lot more time.

No customization in jewellery


With our advanced manufacturing technique, we can easily accommodate any kind of gold colour or diamond quality customization requests at the time of placing the order.

More than 20% of KuberBox’s orders are for fully customized designed-from-scratch jewellery. That means, we listen to our customer’s requirements, design according to their needs and then bring that design to life using sophisticated software and hardware tools. At the risk of sounding arrogant, we can say that we are masters of custom-made jewellery.



Online Jewellery

Buying jewellery is not a transaction to be done over the counter which is why KuberBox takes a keen interest in educating each customer on the various quality factors when it comes to gold, diamonds and gemstones. By signing up for our newsletter, you will get to know many such educating facts about jewellery, diamonds and gems. This will also help shape your interest about what kind of jewellery you wish to buy in future. Once you know what you’re looking for, you will be able to make an informed decision and know exactly what you are getting in the bargain.

When you buy jewellery online, you get the best of both worlds. Importantly, everything happens at your convenience and without any risk. At KuberBox our competitive pricing strategy gives you the best rate in comparison to any other online portals or offline stores and this is something we can vouch for.

Beyond these services, KuberBox provides many other value added services like Lifetime Exchange, Free Returns, Cash On Delivery Payment Option, 1-year Free Service & the likes.

We want our esteemed customers to own a product that will be dear to them for the rest of their lives, which is why we do everything we can to make this your best purchase. Try and we assure you, it will not be a bad decision. Make KuberBox your diamond jewellery destination.

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Online Jewellery: Better Prices, Bigger Selection & Genuine Jewellery by Chantelle



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Online shopping is the easy way to buy all Diamond jewelry products with certification as well as the hallmark. Thanks for sharing this useful information.

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