Gold Earrings for Men – The Comprehensive Guide to a Guy’s Ear Stud

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Whoever said diamonds are women’s best friends, surely did not consider the large sums that confident millennial men spend on them. Men are equally important buyers of all kinds of gold and diamond jewellery, some for the women in their life and some for themselves. Among what guys buy for the most, Gold Earrings for Men stand out. That’s because ear studs for men are one of the most common jewellery worn by men, along with men’s gold rings and men’s pendants. However men’s jewellery as a category has expanded a lot in recent times, and all kinds of men’s jewellery and accessories find takers. Some of the categories like – Men’s Gold Cufflinks, Men’s Gold Rakhis, Men’s Bracelets and Men’s Gold Brooches are already quite popular.

Earrings for Men

Since you are here for Gold Earrings for Men, let’s jump right back into the topic of discussion for this blog post. Here are the top questions we get from guys and girls about men’s earrings –

  1. What is correct – Men’s Earrings or Men’s Earring?

Either can be true because unlike women’s earrings, men can either wear the earring on one ear or both. When they wear it on one, it’s called Men’s Earring and when they do it on both, naturally it’s called Men’s Earrings. Most retailers, like KuberBox, sell them in pieces and not pairs to not confuse their customers regarding which items are available in pairs and which are available in pieces. Anyone who wants to wear on both ears, can simply place their orders for 2 pieces of the earring.

  1. Which Ear Do Men Wear Earring On?

If you have heard this before – that men should choose the piercing side based on their sexual orientation, you must know we’d be foolish to believe that it holds true today in this age. It’s the 21st century and here people are known for their individualistic choice and not what society decides for them. Earlier men who wore earrings on right ear were considered straight which the others were considered gay. Today when a man wears earring on any ear, that is because he likes the look of earring on that ear. The placement does not signify his sexual orientation.

  1. Should Men Wear Studs or Hoops?

While most men are inclined to wear Studs, there are others who have a penchant for Hoops! No matter what you choose, it is the confidence with which you carry these men’s earrings, that counts!  

  1. Are Earrings Attractive On Guys?
men's earrings and hoops

They most certainly are if you choose the right shape and color to compliment the shape of your face, your personality and skin tone. That is the reason why so many male celebrities are able to pull off their looks with earrings. Some of the prominent ones are Salman Khan, Sanjay Dutt, Hardik Pandya, Dwayne Bravo and the likes. 

  1. How can men get their ear pierced?

There are numerous salons as well as piercing centres in all major towns and cities. Choose the one that you find reliable, especially if it is recommended by someone you trust. 

  1. How can men take care of their piercing?

Here are 5 tips that come in handy while caring for men’s ear piercing –

  • Make sure to wash your hands before touching your newly pierced ears
  • Do not take off your earring for at least six weeks, as it might lead to the piercing getting closed up.
  • Twist the earrings in place 2-3 times daily, to help keep the piercing open 
  • Wash your ears with soap and water to avoid infection. 
  • In case of any soreness, consult your physician.
  1. Should men opt for a screw back or push back locking mechanism?

Screw back locking mechanism is considered to be the most secure, while push back mechanism is known for its convenience. You can pick any of these based on your preferences. 

  1. What is the ideal length of men’s ear stud backs?

8 mm is considered to be the ideal length of men’s ear stud backs.

  1. Which are the most popular men’s gold earring designs?
spinning disc men's gold stud - Earrings for Men

The most popular men’s gold earring designs include – 

  • religious symbols like cross, om, swastika
  • regular polygon shapes like round, rectangle, square and hexagon
  • solitaire diamond earrings for men designs – men’s ear stud having a single diamond set on gold
  • gemstone based earrings for men designs
  1. How to wear men’s earrings?

When you buy a new pair, it comes with either a screw back or push back mechanism for locking. Unscrew the earring back, then use the pointed “post” to wear the earring by inserting the post into your piercing. Hold the earring with your thumb while you use the earring back to screw/push the earring back onto the post. Secure the lock sufficiently and ensure it’s a tight fit. 

things should i look before buying men;s earrings
  1. How can one buy earrings for men?

Buying Earrings for Men is a fairly simple task. They are usually available at all fine jewellery stores – online and offline. If you have decided what kind of design you need, then you simply start looking for those or similar designs with your favourite jewellers. Or you start by searching them online on stores like KuberBox and buy them straight away from the website. Buying online is recommended as you get more design options, metal options and better customer service. Further, if you need something customized to your taste, you will be able to commission a custom made piece.

earrings for men & women
  1. Can men and women use the same set of earrings?

Well, that depends! We tend to keep it simple. If you find it alluring enough, by all means, go for it!

peircing for men earrings
  1. Do you need to have a piercing to wear an earring?

Ideally yes! The best of men’s earrings are designed for ears that are pierced.

magnetic ear studs
  1. Are magnetic ear studs for men safe to wear?

Yes, they are largely considered safe, except for the mild irritation they might cause due to tightness. However, they are not recommended for gold men’s earring or diamond men’s earring.

mens earrings designs - KuberBox
  1. Are earrings for guys still in?

Yes. In fact, the trend is only increasing with each passing day.

earring colors
  1. Which colour earring must men wear?

Well, there is no right or wrong answer for this one. Feel free to wear any colour of your liking! When you wear white gold or yellow gold, one knows that your earring is precious and made of precious metal. When you wear colored earrings, it becomes obvious that they are not made of precious metals. If you are looking to add colours to your earring, then go for real and natural gemstone based men’s earring.

black diamond earrings
  1. Black spinel vs Black onyx vs Black diamond for men’s earring?

If you are here that means you have decided that you want to go for black colored gemstones for your earrings. While all of – black onyx, black spinel and black diamonds are black coloured, they vary vastly in their application. Once would go for a onyx when they need a cheaper option and would go for a diamond, when they need the most premium option. Spinel falls in the middle. Similarly the shine and cuts of the stone, which impact the gem quality a lot, improves as one goes from onyx to spinel to black diamond. So depending on your budget, you can make a selection.

  1. Do men prefer gemstones for earrings?

Yes! An exceptional number of men prefer gemstones – both for their unique appeal as well as for their affordable pricing.

  1. What kind of diamond earrings are best for men?

Solitaire Studs are usually considered to be the most ideal for men!  

  1. Which are the top 5 designs for men’s diamond ear studs?

Here are our top 5 choices for the best diamond ear studs designs for men –

  1. Is it possible to buy Gold Earrings for Men under ₹10,000 or USD 150?

Yes! In fact, at KuberBox you can find a wide array of Gold Earrings for Men under ₹10,000 or USD 150. Here are some examples – 

  1. Why is a black stud for men so popular?

Black is a ubiquitous colour. Moreover, most men consider black to be a masculine colour, leading to the rise in its popularity.

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  1. Do guys like sports inspired men’s earring?

Yes! Sports have always been a huge part of men’s lives and they are more than happy to flaunt sport inspired men’s earring as their style quotient. 

  1. What quality of diamond should men choose for ear stud?

The choice of diamond largely depends on 2 aspects – the style quotient and the budget. Since both of these aspects vary from one person to the other, the choice also varies. 

  1. What is the ideal size for men’s ear studs?

Again, no right or wrong answer here. The size could be as small and as large as a man feels comfortable to wear, and confident to carry! KuberBox stylists suggest an optimum size for earrings with solitaires or single stones to be at least 4 mm while designs without diamonds tend to be bigger, maybe around 8-9 mm. The best way to go about this is to measure your ear lobe and then decide how much of it would you like to cover with the earring.

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  1. What is the minimum inner diameter for hoop earrings for men?

11 mm to 15 mm is the minimum inner diameter for men’s hoop earrings for men.

  1. What type of earring does Salman Khan wear?

Salman Khan is known for wearing White Gold Hoop Earrings, popularly known as Kaju Bali. It’s available on

  1. What is the ideal size for men’s ear hoops?

Men’s ear hoops are usually available in sizes ranging from 11 mm to 15 mm. In this case, the size that you are comfortable wearing should be considered ideal!

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  1. Is it safe to wear earrings for men while sleeping?

Yes. Unless the earring causes any pricking or discomfort, it is safe to wear earrings for men while sleeping.

  1. Is it safe to wear ear studs for men while playing sports?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to wear ear studs for men while playing sports, unless it hinders their comfort or poses a problem in wearing any safety gear. 

  1. Is it safe to wear ear studs for men while swimming?

While it is safe to wear earrings for men while swimming, the chemicals in the water may cause some wear and tear of the earring. 

  1. Are religious symbols like Aum, Trishul, Cross, Trident preferred for earrings for men?

Yes. Many men like to exhibit their religious inclination through their jewellery and therefore opt for men’s earrings with symbols like Aum, Trishul, Cross, and Trident.

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  1. How much does a diamond ear stud for men cost?

Diamond Earrings for Men start from as little as ₹5,500 or USD 75! Of course, the more you are willing to invest the bigger and better the diamond gets!

Now that you have gone through the FAQs on men’s earrings, we hope all your doubts and questions regarding them would have been answered.


Gold Earrings for Men - The Comprehensive Guide to a Guy's Ear Stud by Team KuberBox




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