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We know you must be busy with all the Diwali preparation within the house with clothes, cleaning, organising and your Jewellery of course. And why should you, because this month KuberBox is giving you all the more reason to spend just a little more to buy yourself some new jewellery for the season of Diwali.

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The week consists of different days of celebration, being Dhanteras, Choti Diwali, Diwali and BhaiDooj.

Dhanteras is the festival where Lord Lakshmi and Lord Kuber are worshipped; both considered to bestow wealth and riches upon an individual. Just likeKuberBox, where we offer you the best designs for money and offer you the best quality of jewellery within your budget. On the day of Dantheras, many people flock to their jewellers and silversmiths, to buy both jewellery and utensils to celebrate the occasion.

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Deepawali, is known world over for its “Phatakas” or firecrackers, but what is the true significance of this festival filled with lights and colour? Celebrated all over northern India in full force, Diwali is the weeklong celebration to honour the return of the King Ram, the King of Ayodhya after 14 years of exile. It is also celebrated to signify the victory of good over evil which is why homes all over light Diya’s to illuminate every corner of the house.

We have listed below some of the reasons whyDiwali is celebrated and its not just for the Hindu’s, Diwali is a festival that is to be celebrated by all religions world over.

  • Lord Lakshmi celebrates her birthday on this auspicious day. She is also the goddess of wealth, which explains why there is a lot of emphasis on money and riches during this time of the year.
  • The Pope John Paul the second performed a Eucharistic ceremony in an Indian church where he had a tilak on his forehead and dedicated the mass to the festival of lights.
  • The leader of the Jains, MahavirTirthankar who is known to be the modern Jain leader is said to have attained nirvana on this particular day of Diwali
  • For the Sikhs, the foundation stone of the famous golden temple was laid on the day of Diwali.

So no matter what religion you fall under or believe in, you now have a justified reason to celebrate the Festival of Lights.

BhaiDooj, is the day celebrated to pray for the long life of a brother. As scripture has it, Yamaraj was thrilled by the reception he received from Yami and hence if ever a brother was to be celebrated with a tilak on his forehead he could not be harmed.

For this occasion of Diwali, we at KuberBox kept in mind all the religious symbols you might be looking for and hence have created our own collection of jewels that might help you when hunting for the ideal present or even if its perhaps for yourselfso you can. Because as you’ve perhaps heard before, “how can Diwali be complete without the exchange of gifts”.

Our Enclosed Swastik Pendant is ideal as its gold and diamond boundary will surely ward off the evil eye. Its diamond border can be customised to suit your preferences in terms of diamond or gold karatage.

Our Om Ruby Pendant is studded with Rubies along with diamonds emphasising the ‘Om’ symbol. You cannot go wrong with this strong pendant with all the forces coming together to protect you.

Another one of my personal favourites is our Ganesha Pendant, its temple jewellery look, gives it’s an instant push when it comes to a comparison. Its lightweight is also an additional feature, which will draw you to it. Studded with diamonds to represent the everlasting protection that Lord Ganesha gives you, you will be telling all your friends about it.

Our Adbhut Ganesha Om Pendant, combines within it two symbols which will not only capture your attention but also offer you protection from both gods. This Ganesha tucked in within the symbol of an ‘Om’, has been given its importance by the use of diamonds and silver motifs. Perfect for both men and women or even children, this will be the ideal present for any age group.

Now your all set for Diwali, with your perfect present and all the knowledge you need to know about this auspicious yet beautiful Festival of Lights.

Light Up For Diwali This Year by Chantelle



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