Jewellery Style Guide with KuberBox – Types of Jewellery – Infographic 2021

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When it comes to sporting jewellery that is more than just elegant and has a distinct character to it, you can never go wrong with KuberBox. Don’t believe us? Check out the unique types of jewellery and know for yourself! 

Nothing expresses your love for your special someone with as much élan as a piece of your Heart – well at least figuratively! At KuberBox, we understand your desire to express your feelings in the most romantic manner possible, and therefore bring to you an impeccable range of heart jewellery, right from heart rings to heart pendants and even heart earrings! 

The human race has always had a very special bond with animals, owing to the loving, caring and loyal nature of these gentle beings. We, at KuberBox, strive to add our special touch to this unique bond with our Animal Collection.  This collection features some of the cutest animal pendants and earrings in yellow, white and rose gold adorned with diamonds, gemstones and even Meena work for an unmatched appeal. 

The beauty, colourfulness and vibrancy of butterflies have never been hidden from mankind. In fact, around the world, people view the butterfly as representing endurance, change, hope, and life, and this is exactly what we strive to express with our splendid Butterfly Collection. Our Butterfly Jewellery comprises of some astoundingly elegant designs in the form of Butterfly Pendants, Butterfly Rings as well as Butterfly Earrings! Crafted in gold, studded with diamonds or gemstones, and embellished with Meena (enamel), this collection is simply outstanding in every possible way!

If you’ve been on the lookout for the perfect fusion of traditional and trendy jewellery, then our MEENAmalistic Collection will make you fall head over heels! This collection features some of our most elegant designs that are ideal for every day as well as occasional use. What makes these designs stand out is the minimal yet striking use of bold colours brought to life by the traditional Meenakari art of our accomplished artisans.

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Jewellery Style Guide with KuberBox – Types of Jewellery - Infographic 2021 by Team KuberBox




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