Okay, first up, we want to admit something. We know we are late to the party – late to write about the much-in-trend customized mangalsutras that’s topping the Instagram charts. All kinds of personalized mangalsutra designs like name mangalsutra, initial mangalsutras, couple’s names mangalsutra, mangalsutra design with husband’s name, and all other varieties that include Sonam’s zodiac mangalsutra, Deepika Padukone’s solitaire mangalsutra and finally, mangalsutra bracelets which again comes in all kinds of personalized styles. Though to be fair to us, though we did not create any dedicated blog post for customized gold mangalsutras, we were already getting many inquiries and we made a lot of them for our customers. That’s because of our existing blog post for customized name pendants.


Now, we are sure you are here because you are curious to know how you can order and buy a custom-made gold mangalsutra. We can assure you that KuberBox is your best option when you are looking for any kind of customized jewellery in gold. We have done it all and we have systems and processes that make everything from the design of the jewellery to the delivery of the finished product very smooth. That, along with our brand features like 100% BIS Hallmarked Gold, Certified Diamonds, cash on delivery service, lifetime exchange and 1-year free service will make your purchase an enjoyable experience. So let’s get started.

If you have still not made up your mind regarding what kind of customized mangalsutra you want to go for, here are some samples to skim through. Once you have gone through these designs, we are sure that you will be able to visualize your dream mangalsutra.

best mangalsutra name design
An assortment of Customized Gold Mangalsutras

To give you a rough estimate and help you decide on next steps, we will share an approximate cost estimate of these customized mangalsutras. Any of these mangalsutras consume on an average 1 to 3 grams of gold and can be studded with diamonds and gemstones of your liking. Thus, the starting price is about ₹7000 and can go up to ₹40000 depending on how elaborate you want it to be. Let your imaginations fly and let your mangalsutra define your individuality.

Name Mangalsutra in Gold

What defines a Mangalsutra? Generally, everytime one spots a black beaded chain, one may begin to think that this particular jewellery is a mangalsutra jewellery. We get a lot of enquiries where customers want to buy a customized pendant with or without a mangalsutra chain. Most times people just want to buy the pendant from us and then attach that pendant with their existing mangalsutra chain.

Name Mangalsutra in Diamonds

The mangalsutra chains, themselves, have gone through quite a transformation. Women have started wearing gold chains with just 2-4-6 beads (much fewer than earlier versions where the whole chain contained black beads) just for the significance of these beads. Doing that makes the mangalsutra suitable for almost all types of occasions, formal or functional. Here are some of our diamond-studded name mangalsutras.

Couples’ Names Mangalsutra in Gold

The men-folks are getting involved too. A man, buying a mangalsutra, that too a customized one, for her wife can be one of the sweetest gifts for the lucky lady. To that end, we do get quite a number of customer calls who are males and who have researched what they want and how they want it. Most of these couple’s name mangalsutra enquiries are initiated by them. These are some of our recently made couple’s name pendant mangalsutra designs. It’s best to usually add some kind of clipart along with the name, maybe a heart, or butterfly or stars.

Devanagari / Hindi Name Mangalsutra

What better than a sweet native language mangalsutra! These customized gold mangalsutras made with Hindi letters are truly unique.

Arabic / Urdu / Bengali & Other Regional Languages Mangalsutra

Taking native language one notch higher is when the customers opt for regional language letter mangalsutras. We do make them and would love to make one for you.

Zodiac Mangalsutra in Gold

A trend that was started by the style diva Sonam Kapoor where she wore a mangalsutra made with the zodiac sign of her husband and hers.

Initials Mangalsutra

Either hand the initials as charms on your mangalsutra bracelet or have them at the centre of your neck mangalsutras. Either way, mangalsutra with one or two initials look the best.

With a better understanding of different types of customized mangalsutras that can be made using gold & diamonds, now you can make up your mind about how you want yours to be. You can use the form below to get in touch with us and send us your enquiry. Here are the ways in which we can be contacted for custom-made jewellery enquiries:

We are available on email, phone and live chat.

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Akshata wagh · July 21, 2020 at 5:42 pm

I want Harshad name mangalsutra

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