How Disha from Hyderabad Got Her Dream Jewellery Custom-made

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How often does it happen that you come across a piece of jewellery that is quite similar to something that you have had in your mind for a while? You know what you want but you just can’t find it anywhere. How about getting it custom-made? 

Something similar happened with a customer of ours about 10 months back. Mrs Disha from Hyderabad was looking for a nice pair of diamond hoop earrings with heavy drops. She knew that she wanted the drop to be made of colourful gemstones encapsulated inside a golden yellow frame. Her ideal pair would have allowed her to switch the coloured gemstones such that she could mix and match the same pair of earrings with any of her outfits. Did she find what she was looking for? No, at least not until she met us 😀

While looking online, Disha stumbled upon the following hoop earrings from our website –


This is the Britsih Carcass Hoop Earrings with fixed pearl drops. It is similar to what Disha wanted but not exactly how she wanted. She was satisfied with the size and the shape of the earrings. However, her concern was that she wanted changeable colourful gemstones as drops for this earrings. Disha was smart and she got in touch with us, telling us about the customizations she wants. We heard her out patiently and understood her exact requirements. We then coordinated with our designers and the production staff to understand if her requirements were practically achievable. To her and to our amusement, the answer was Yes. We drafted an estimate while including the charges for customizations, the new gemstones that would be added and the gold weight difference. Disha wanted a range of colours for her earrings and that is why we recommended her following stones –

  • Citrine for Lemon Yellow
  • Blue Topaz for Pastel Blue
  • Amethyst for Sweet Purple
  • Rose Quartz for Pink-red

The range of these colours ensures that she will always have a colour to match her attire with. We sent the estimate and she approved them. We got back to the drawing board and started imagining the mechanism to allow for the stones to be changed on demand. So the drops had to have a door-like-mechanism from which we could remove the current gemstones, put another gemstone back and just lock the door. This is what we proposed to her –

Changeable gemstones earrings

Angle 1

Changeable gemstones earrings

Angle 2

As can be seen in the image here, a new mechanism was developed which allowed for a door-like opening from the back of the gemstone chamber. Disha already loved the rest of the design and with this final mechanism being designed successfully, the whole jewellery was now ready to be moved from the drawing table to the factory floor. Disha and we couldn’t be more excited. We kept sharing these design images with her to keep her involved throughout the process. Constant feedback helps us understand more about the customer’s requirements and tune the design accordingly.

While the gold was getting ready to be formed into the required shape of the earrings, we started polishing and cutting the gemstones. The cutting of the gemstones has to be precise for it to fit perfectly into the chamber created for it. Not gemstone heightonly did the diameter of the stone need to be accurately cut, the height too needed to be precise for this design.


If the height was even 1 mm bigger than the required, the door wouldn’t close. The extra height would make it impossible for the door to close. If it was 1 mm shorter, the stone will not stand upright in its position and thus render the design useless. We worked hard and achieved the required precision. The work showed in the final product as the jewellery glittered with the combined radiance of gold, diamonds and the gemstones.

Here are some images of the final jewellery 

Hoop Earrings with Changeable Stones

Lovely, isn’t it?

Disha was so impressed with the outcome that she went ahead and commissioned another customised jewellery to be made by us. Now she wanted a matching pendant for these earrings. But this time, since she already had the gemstones that she wanted to place inside the pendant, she just went for the pendant (without the centre gemstone). We made is in such a way that she could use the same coloured gemstones that were sent with her earrings. We love doing these things for our customers. We love catering to their customised needs and offering them the best possible products at best possible prices. This pendant has a classic design with the gemstone being at the centre and flanked by a diamond studded golden frame.

Check out the pictures of the earrings that we made for Disha –

[Not a valid template]We are sure you guys loved this jewellery as much as we love them. Creating a unique piece for our customers is a great delight, both for the customer and for us. We have made hundreds of custom pieces with equal attention to detail and we will share some of these stories with you through this blog.

Later she ordered a matching pendant for this earrings and also sent us her feedback –

Mrs. Disha's Testimonial

Mrs. Disha’s Testimonial

If you wish to get a custom-made jewellery, just shoot a mail to Or you may just use the link below to send us your enquiry –

How Disha from Hyderabad Got Her Dream Jewellery Custom-made by Team KuberBox




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