Gold Rakhi – The Perfect Gift for Brother for Raksha Bandhan 2021 #HappinessBhiInvestmentBhi

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Gold Rakhi for Raksha Bandhan – A festival that marks the love of siblings, a festival that reflects the protective instincts of a brother for his sister, and a festival that reminds a sister of the love and care she has received all her life! 

If you have a brother, we are sure you’ve been endlessly pampered, teased, and loved by him. In fact, he must have always showered you with numerous gifts, especially on occasions like Bhai Dooj and Raksha Bandhan! This time around, however, why don’t you take the initiative and show him just how much you love and adore him for all that he does? Wondering how you can possibly do that? Well, we have a great idea – gift him a Gold Rakhi!! 

Why Choose Gold Rakhi for Your Brother

Gold is considered a symbol of the Sun across numerous cultures across the world. In India, it has always been revered as an auspicious metal, especially when it comes to marking special occasions such as weddings, inaugurations and festivals. Gifting a Gold Rakhi to your brother, will prove to be a stunning way to show your gratitude, while also being symbolic of your bond – growing exponentially worthy over time!

If you come to think of it, it is such an amazing idea. Not only can he flaunt the wondrous design of the Rakhi thus revelling in the immense happiness, but he can also keep it for as long as he wants and witness an increase in its value with each passing day! Simply put, a Gold Rakhi equals #HappinessBhiInvestmentBhi

Did You Know? The most trusted online jewellers in India, now offer Gold Rakhi designs that can be seamlessly converted to pendants and even brooches. Hence, your brother won’t just wear the Rakhi for a couple of days but can sport the same at all times. 

We bet you’re more than convinced to give him this special gift, but how do you possibly choose something that he will not only like, but truly love? Well, don’t you worry! We have some tips for you that will help you pick the ideal rakhi design for your brother.

Tip 1 – Consider His Age 

If your brother is 12 years or younger, you might want to gift him a gold rakhi that is cute, colourful and catchy – all at the same time. If your brother is older, consider getting a rakhi design that reflects his personality type.

Tip 2 – Consider His Interests

Think about the things that bring him the utmost joy. Whether it is his faith in God, whether it is his love for music, his inclination towards a sport or his penchant for travelling – depending on the aspect of life that he’s most dedicated to – pick a rakhi design that is a reflection of his passions. 

Tip 3 – Consider His Style

Not all men are fond of jewellery, especially once they are in their teens! So, it is up to you to notice and understand your brother’s style quotient. If he’s someone who’s not comfortable wearing a piece of jewellery, you can instead choose a rakhi design that doubles up as a brooch. On the other hand, if he has a flair for things like ear studs, rings, and other bling, you can always get him a rakhi that can be later used as a pendant. Then again, whether he likes yellow, white or rose gold, diamonds, or coloured enamel is also something you’ll have to figure out.  

5 Stunning Gold Rakhi Designs for Your Brother

Now that you know why and how to pick a gold rakhi for your brother, let us help you with which designs to go for! We’re sure this quick sneak-peek will help you finalise a design with added ease! 

Shree Rakhi Pendant

Shree, is essentially a word denoting wealth and prosperity and is also one of the many names of Lord Ganesha. This symbolism makes it an ideal gift for your brother which he can blissfully wear for a long time to come.  The Shree Rakhi is made of gold studded with diamonds in an adorable leaf-like design. To elevate your gift-giving experience, this Gold and Diamond Rakhi comes in an opulent gift box, complete with a customized gift message card as well as a set of Roli – Chawal!

Buy this gorgeous Shree Gold Rakhi-cum-Pendant here!

shree rakhi gold pendant

Engravable Bar Name Rakhi Pendant

Have a brother who is a minimalist when it comes to his style? Well, we have the perfect gift idea for him. This Gold Rakhi, essentially comes in the form of a simple bar with neat lines, lined with 6 pieces of diamonds on one end. What makes this Rakhi simply outstanding is the fact that it is customisable and will come with a beautiful engraving of your brother’s name! Once he receives this thoughtful rakhi, we’re sure he won’t be able to resist the temptation of wearing it as a pendant! 

Buy this stunning Customisable Name Rakhi-cum-Gold Pendant here!

gold bar name rakhi pendant

Baby Elephant Rakhi Pendant

Looking for a cute gold rakhi for your younger brother? Well, simply take a quick look at this two-toned Elephant Rakhi, and we bet you’ll fall in love with this adorable pendant right at the first glance. Studded with a standalone diamond, and elevated with a heart in the centre, this Gold Rakhi will prove to be an excellent investment for your young brother, and instil in him the much-desired habit of valuing his belongings.  

Buy this super-cute Gold Rakhi Pendant here!

rakhi gift for small brother - baby elephant rakhi pendant

Compass Rakhi Pendant

Is your brother someone who loves to travel across cities, countries and continents? If that’s the case, we are more than sure that he’ll fall in love with this motif-styled Gold Compass Rakhi. Arriving in a beautiful gift box, complete with a set of Roli-Chawal as well as a customised message card, this gold rakhi will be truly admired by your brother. 

Buy this gorgeous Gold Compass Rakhi here!

compass rakhi pendant

Moustache Gold Rakhi cum Brooch

This rakhi is the perfect mix of convention and quirkiness, as you may have judged from the picture itself. Offered in the much-loved moustache shape, this rakhi can be easily used as a men’s brooch. Now, if that doesn’t seem like the most awe-inspiring gift for your brother, we don’t know what will?

Buy this unique Moustache Gold Rakhi-cum-Lapel Pin here!

moustache gold rakhi design

So, what are you waiting for? Browse through this wondrous collection and pick a gold rakhi that best suits your brother’s taste! For all we know, this is the perfect embodiment of the idea #HappinessBhiInvestmentBhi

Gold Rakhi - The Perfect Gift for Brother for Raksha Bandhan 2021 #HappinessBhiInvestmentBhi by Team KuberBox



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