How To Get Personalized Name Bracelets & Other Gold Custom-made Bracelets

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Are you aligned with the latest trend in minimal jewellery with everyone looking for elegant, personalized and customized jewellery? If yes, it’s impossible that you missed the big movement towards personalized name bracelet. What we are referring to as name bracelets, is actually a broader generalization for a lot of different varieties of custom made bracelets currently sweeping the charts among fashion bloggers and influencers. This broader category represents niche bracelet pieces such as Initial Engraved Bracelets, Name Engraved Bracelets, Customized Gold Bar Bracelets, Monogram Bracelets, Name Cut-out Bracelets, Name Cuffs, Initial Wrist Cuff Bracelets, Name Chain Bracelet and the likes. I do not want to call this a trend because this feels like something which one can perpetually wear for their lifetime and even pass on in the family. The personalized nature of this jewellery makes it evergreen and a valuable item to be considered for a gift. It’s a very attractive gift category. 

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Now, you are probably reading this because you already know about personalized name bracelets and probably you are looking to get one made for yourself. If that is the case, I can confidently say that we won’t disappoint you. Because, at KuberBox, we have made numerous of them in the past and we continue making new ones every now and then. The best part about it is that most of these trends are brought to our notice by our “always-there” customers who are fashion-savvy. They keep challenging us to design and make such jewellery for them. Even our first big hit in the customized jewellery segment, the customized name pendants, was a concept that we were alien to. But one of our customers came up with her customized requirement and we made it for them and made it good. There has been no looking back since. Since that first piece, we have gone on to make 100s of those customized gold name pendants (See Name Pendant Pictures) and it is one of our most popular products to date. Similarly, the name bracelet was also brought to us by our customers and we lapped it up. I guess we should now stop this self-boasting monologue and instead concentrate on the thing that you are here for – Engraved Name Bracelets / Custom-made Bracelets. 

How to Get A Personalized Name Bracelet Made?

The word personalized and customized are powerful words, append either of the two words to any product and you are left with endless possibilities. And, that isn’t always a good thing. I say that because it’s in our nature to get confused when we have too many options to choose from. Therefore, in this section, we will try and be as precise as possible.

Engraved Bar Bracelet in Gold

The best design when it comes to personalized gold name bracelet (though a subjective matter!) is the one where we take a bar bracelet and engrave it with a name or initials or a message. This is the one we are referring to – 

Here you will see a bar bracelet made of polished 18K Yellow Gold in a nice curved shape. The name is engraved on one side of this bracelet. On one end of the bar, we have attached a round diamond, set in a bezel setting to accentuate the look of the bracelet. The bezel and the other end of the bar are then soldered to a delicate link chain and a lobster lock. The chain locking is flexible and bracelet can be adjusted as per any wrist size. 

Approximate cost of this bracelet with diamond will be Rs.21000

Approximate cost of this bracelet without diamond will be Rs.13000

It can now be customized with any stone of your choice. Diamond can be replaced with the wearer’s birthstone as well. The prices here are customizable & we can craft something which matches with your budget and is as per your requirements. 

Name Cut-out Custom Bracelet 

A name cut-out bracelet, as its name suggests, is one in which the name or the initial is clearly cut out in gold and not engraved like the previous example. The customized name bracelets are much like the customized name pendants. Here you select a good font and the bracelet is made as per that font. Then a chain or a stiff bracelet can be attached to the name. This is how they both look like – 


Image Credit | Name cut-out bracelet with a flexible chain 


Image Credit | Stiff Name Bracelet or Oval Gold Name Bracelet Sample

The names can either be in completely plain gold or they can even be studded with diamonds. It is also common to add personalized charms to these bracelets & make them more interesting. The names can be written in really dainty sizes to statement sizes, it’s all up to you. 

Approximate cost of this bracelet varies between Rs.9000 – Rs.22000. Everything is pretty much customizable. 

Infinity Name Bracelet

The infinity name bracelet with couple’s name and initials is a popular one. Here, the name of the guy and the girl are written on either loop of the infinity. You may even customize it with your kids’ name and one infinity bracelet can accommodate up to four names. That’s perfect if it’s the two of you with two kids.  


Image Credit | Gold Infinity Name Bracelet Sample

Again, with this bracelet, charms can be used to personalize it further. We can also add birthstone charms to the infinity. There are endless possibilities and whatever you need, just share your ideas with us. We will help you bring it to reality. We are great with customizations & 9 out of 10 customers do mention about our customer service in their feedbacks. 

Other Customized Name Bracelets

The ones we mentioned above are the broader categories of customized gold bracelets. There are many other niche varieties that we would be able to make for you on request. Just explain your idea to our designers and they will be happy to sketch out an illustration for you. Or you can browse a few designs online and check out the search results and share the ones that you like. We will be able to provide you with a price quotation for any design that you submit. 


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How To Get Personalized Name Bracelets & Other Gold Custom-made Bracelets by Team KuberBox




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