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Born this time of the year? April baby maybe?
You are the brightest of all, you have DIAMOND as your birthstone. So if you were born in the month of April, you can consider Diamonds as birthstone and wear diamonds to get favourable outcomes.
Through this post, we will try and explore the little known facts about diamonds and their formation and their beauty. We’ll also tell you a bit about few scintillating pieces that are adorned by our very own bollywood divas.
loose-solitaires-certifiedHere are some #funfacts on diamonds we have put together just for you: 


Diamonds, birthstone of the month April, are made from the element Carbon, the same element that makes graphite in pencils. The only difference lies in the fact that the arrangement of the atoms in both are different making one, the hardest material on earth, and the other, so soft we use it to write with.

Diamonds being so hard cannot be cut by anything other than a diamond itself. Which is why all diamond cutting tools and various other gemstone carving tools are coated with something called diamond dust. This enables the artisan to shape these gems according to their preferences. This is not only true in the gemstone industry but, diamond dust is also used in various other industries like, the automobile industry as an example.

This beautiful amalgamation of carbon atoms comes in a plethora of colours of which Yellows and Browns are the most common. Think colour and you probably think of a rainbow, and why not because when it comes to diamonds, they come in Violets, Pinks, Reds, Oranges and even Blues. Called Fancy coloured Diamonds they follow a different colour grading system. Obviously because these colours are much more rare they come with a very high price tag. Red and Pink diamonds come from the Argyll mine in Australia. Black Diamonds have recently gained momentum because of their outstanding lustre. Champagne and Canary diamonds that resemble the delicious, warm hues of a glass of champagne glistening under the summer sun, are now creating a market for themselves as consumers look for these summery hues.

diamond fancy colors

GIA diamond colors


In todays world of ever-growing technologies Synthetic Diamonds have been stealing the limelight. These Synthetic Diamonds look and feel just like a Natural diamonds with the same chemical composition. The difference lies in the fact that these gemstones have been created in a laboratory with human intervention and tends to be cheaper than natural diamonds. With the correct gemological equipment there’s no diamond that can go unidentified. At KuberBox, we assure you of the natural origin of each of the diamonds in the jewellery you purchase. We source all our diamonds from legitimate, verified sources so you need not worry about anything. Our certification partners also check each stone for synthetic or natural origin, and once they give us the green we then pass the goods on to you, another reason why certification is such an integral part at Kuberbox.

Diamonds go through a lot to merely be collected from the surface of the earth either though Alluvial Deposits or Mining methods. Formed in the depths of the earth when Carbon is under immense pressure at very high temperatures they take centuries if not more to make their way up. Diamonds are transported through funnel shaped Pipes, which is why mines follow the outline of these pipes downward in order to collect the maximum output of diamonds.




From these mines, the stones are passed through the Kimberly Process, an essential process by which all diamonds are certified conflict free and their origins have been verified. The focal point for this is to eradicate the sale of diamonds that support rebel movements and finance war. If you have seen the movie Blood Diamond starring Leonardo Dicaprio, you’ll know exactly what we are talking about, and if not, a definite must watch movie.

Blooddiamond movie poster

Once these diamonds reach the retail market, after they have been fashioned into the bright-light-returning gems they promise to be, women and men all over the world stare in absolute awe. Whatever the occasion, a diamond holds true to the fact that “A Diamond is Forever” as coined by De Beers, one of the biggest diamond mining companies in the world.

Throwing some light on Diamonds in India, Surat in Gujrat is the biggest Diamond cutting hub of the world. 9 of 10 diamonds have been noted to be cut in India under the skilled workmanship of master cutters in Surat. Making India a massive diamond trading force in the international market. India has also recently gained attention when the mining giant Rio Tinto declared they have invested half a Billion dollars in a diamond mining plant in Madhya Pradesh. It is called the Bunder project, which has proven to be able to yield high amounts of diamonds.

Indians love their diamonds, and sometimes more is better although through out our country we have different preferences in colour and clarity we are a big diamond-consuming nation in itself. Some of the famous celebrities have also started the trend for Big Diamond Rocks as engagement rings. Some of which are Shipa Shetty’s 20 Ct diamond and Aishwariya Rai’s 53 Ct diamond ring.

aishwarya solitaire engagement ring s
shilpa shetty solitaire engagement ring

The Diamond is also considered to be such a powerful stone, which represents the planet Venus and is part of the Navratna, believed to guide the 9 planets in the favour of its wearer.


navratan stones


If you’re wondering which diamond you should be looking at to complement your features, here is a list we suggest.
Round Brilliant – The most versatile shape. Engineered to hide inclusions because of the well-designed facet arrangement, round brilliants also give the best light return as compared to any other cut. This means a stone of lower clarity or colour may still tend to look divine with fabulous cutting.


Marquise – This tapered shape tend to complement a women with long fingers. Making the stone bring out the best of your hand. Marquise cut diamonds also appears larger than round brilliant of the same weight.
Heart – These tend to look good as solitaires and have something very romantic about them.
Oval – These look bigger than Round Brilliants and still do not look flashy when adorning the hand of the wearer.
Pear – Graceful just as the name suggests. These look perfect when used as earrings and as drops.
Princess – Perfect for people who like rectangle or square shapes. These stones tend to give good return of light and are used vastly in men’s jewellery. Perfect for the channel setting.

Don’t forget to indulge in a little Kuberbox jewellery this month! Our new diamond jewellery collection is perfect because Diamonds are the stone of the month!

Have a look at our new designs using certified diamonds along with numerous coloured gemstones. At Kuberbox all our jewellery is certified in terms of diamond & gemstones, giving you the assurance through an International 3rd party laboratory.

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