Caring for Emerald Jewellery – Do’s and Don’ts Infographic 2021

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Emerald, popularly known as ‘Panna’ in India is a precious gemstone known for its remarkably restful green colour. Considering that it is one of the softest gemstones, the carving of emerald is rather easy, especially when done by fairly skilled craftsmen. However, it is this very softness that warrants extra care from you; both while wearing emerald jewellery as well as while storing emerald jewellery. To help you keep your emerald jewellery in top shape for a long, long time to come, our experts at KuberBox bring to you a quick guide with some essential care tips.

Wearing Your Emeralds

  • Make sure you always wear your emerald jewellery, after the application of your make-up, hairspray as well as your perfume, as the chemicals involved therein may harm the emeralds.
  • Avoid wearing your emerald jewellery while you’re showering or going for a swim.
  • Remove your emerald jewellery before going to sleep.

Cleaning Your Emeralds

  • Many people soak their gold and diamond jewellery in soap/detergent water for 5-6 hours and it actually works wonders to clean the ornaments. However, the same is not true for emerald jewellery. We recommend you simply clean your emeralds with the help of damp soapy cloth, rinse them lightly with water and dry them using a soft cloth.
  • In case your emeralds are looking particularly dull, they might need re-oiling. In this case, make sure you take your jewellery to your trusted jeweller for professional cleaning and polishing. 

Storing Your Emeralds

  • When storing your emerald ring, especially small, delicate pieces such as rings, make sure to individually wrap the pieces in a soft cloth or a tissue.
  • Emeralds are prone to scratches, and therefore it is crucial that you store emerald jewellery in separate compartments away from other gemstones. 

Following the aforementioned care tips will ensure that your emeralds maintain the optimal colour and their brilliant sheen for years to come.

learn how to take care of emerald jewellery
Caring for Emerald Jewellery – Do’s and Don’ts Infographic 2021 2
Caring for Emerald Jewellery – Do’s and Don’ts Infographic 2021 by Team KuberBox




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