Best of #NosePinTwitter – The Latest Trend on Twitter & We Are Loving It

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Last morning, a certain twitter user started a hashtag for #NosePinTwitter & how amazing is that.

Since then women (and men) have come out and posted all sorts of beautiful pictures of them sporting nose pins, nose studs, nose rings & septum rings. We are going to compile the best of the posts on this page and also try and provide you links to our website where you buy those nose pins & nose rings (We would be posting the links soon. Meanwhile, you can check out our online catalogue here and pick for yourself – We have a big collection already and what’s even better is that we can custom-make.

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Here are the best of the posts (in no particular order) from this amazing twitter trend, the #NosePinTwitter –

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Best of #NosePinTwitter - The Latest Trend on Twitter & We Are Loving It by Team KuberBox




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Battulal · January 28, 2019 at 4:43 pm

These nose pins are love

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