3 Ways to Treat Your Brother This Raksha Bandhan

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Raksha bandhan has always been one of the most loved festivals across India, and is now catching the attention of people across the globe! The reason behind it is simple. This is one of the only festivals that celebrate the wondrous bond shared by siblings. Not only does the festival entail the ceremonial tying of rakhi on the brother’s wrist in exchange for a vow to protect the sister from all evils, but also marks the thoughtful exchange of gifts – something that every brother-sister duo eagerly awaits! 

We at KuberBox understand this undying love and affection, and therefore bring to you some astounding ideas that can help you nurture this special relationship regardless of your age or the physical distance between you and your beloved bhai. So, without further ado, let us spill the beans for you.

gadget raksha bandhan gifts for brother ideas
  1. Gift a Gadget

For all we know, boys and men love their gadgets – irrespective of their age or occupation, and this is precisely what makes gifting a gadget a great idea! If you want something truly useful without spending much some of the most compelling tech-based gifts for Raksha bandhan include –

  • SmartWatch or FitBit
  • Voice-Controlled Smart Speaker, such as Amazon Echo Dot or Google Nest Mini
  • Gaming Accessories
  • Wireless Speakers
  • Wireless Earphones

If on the other hand, you do not mind splurging a little for your brother’s happiness, you can always opt for some of the more expensive electronic devices for boys such as –

  • Tablet
  • Smartphone
  • Laptop 
  • Gaming Monitor
  • PlayStation

And you don’t need us to tell you the sheer ecstasy on your brother’s face on receiving any of the aforementioned gifts!

family meet
family meet
  1.  Arrange a Family Meet

Now, this is an alternative that doesn’t need you to spend even a single penny! Hence, you can easily use it to top of the joy that your brother gets when you treat him with Option 1 i.e. Gift a Gadget, or Option 3 i.e. Gift a Gold Rakhi! 

If your brother is away from home, or even if you are, you can simply ask all your near and dear ones to get on a video call! Once everyone is online, you can either curate an interesting family quiz or play a fun game, or simply chat your way through the call. Not only will this help you feel closer to your sibling despite the distance, but it will also give you a sweet memory to look back to as the years go by. And who knows? This can even become a new rakhi tradition in your family!

inscribed shree rakhi
cutwork lord ganesh gold rakhi
  1. Gift a Gold Rakhi

If there’s anything that describes the sheer grandeur of your love to your brother, it is a Gold Rakhi! Right from its quintessential glitter to its immense value that is sure to increase with time, a gold rakhi is every bit as precious as your brother himself. At KuberBox, it gives us immense pleasure to be able to bring to you some of the most stunning gold rakhi designs for your brother. Whether you want a religious gold rakhi or personalised rakhi with your brother’s name etched in gold, with us you will find it all!  We also have a wide range of enamelled gold rakhi to meet your style sensibilities. Then again, our collection of animal and superhero gold rakhi is sure to bring a big bright smile to the face of your cute little siblings. And before you start worrying about the prices, let us tell you that our gold rakhi collection starts at just ₹3,070! Now isn’t that simply incredible? Here are two amazing options that you can get for your beloved brother while still keeping your budget to a minimum – 

Inscribed Shree Gold Rakhi – ₹3,070

Lord Ganesh Gold Rakhi – ₹3,070

Of course, if you wish to splurge and get your brother a gold rakhi of his dreams such as Compass Rakhi Pendant or the Superhero Rakhi, there’s absolutely nothing stopping you!

Oh, and before we forget to mention. Almost all the gold rakhi at KuberBox are offered in one of two designs – Rakhi Cum Pendant or Rakhi Cum Brooch – just so your brother can wear this symbol of love not just on Raksha bandhan but all year long!

So, wait no more before you plan on executing at least 2 of the 3 amazing ways mentioned here and make this Rakhsha bandhan super special for your brother – your forever hero.

3 Ways to Treat Your Brother This Raksha Bandhan by Team KuberBox


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