15 Real Diamond Rings For Girlfriend In Under ₹9000

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You are probably here because you want to gift something to your girl this Valentine’s Day and you must be looking for a ring for your girlfriend. We understand the excitement of gifting her a ring that marks the seriousness of your relationship, and the pain that comes with it. The pain of not knowing what she’ll like, the pain of not understanding anything about gold and diamonds and the pain of not having anyone to take help from since you can’t yet say it loud. This blog post is aimed at lovers, mainly the boy who is looking to impress her girl, looking to make a promise to her. 

To help with our discomfort, our team has made a list of some pocket-friendly real gold and diamond rings, 15 rings to be precise. You can pick and choose any ring from the below and we assure you it won’t go wrong. Your girlfriend will be supremely impressed with your choice of design of ring. What more can you ask for? So are you now ready to woo her with beautiful rings? All the pretty rings shown below are made of genuine gold and diamond and are from our brand KuberBox. You are just a click away! Get a beautiful ring for your girlfriend. You can just click on the ring image and you will be taken to our website where you can select the ring sizes and view other details before placing your order. Browse through an extensive collection of heart rings from KuberBox. Need help? Call us on +91-8764443300

  1. Charming Love Ring

This charming heart-shaped diamond ring is ideal for the first gift to your girlfriend. It has two hearts, one small and studded with diamonds while the other makes the frame for the whole ring.

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  1. Crown Ring

She’s your queen and queens wear crowns. This is a crown ring for the deserving girlfriend. This ring has a band of thin diamonds and at the center, there is a crown in polished yellow gold. Looks grand, right? If you are looking for a promise ring, this may well be your crown promise ring option.

  1. Brilliantly Delicate Ring

This spectacular two-toned ring is the personification of feminine beauty and elegance. Crafted with graceful and delicate bends, the ring would be a great addition to her collection. In the middle are six Diamonds, three mirroring the arrangement of the other three.

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  1. Bennie Heart Ring

When it comes to rings for your fiance or girlfriend, or for gifts during Valentines’ Day, rings with hearts is what you should opt for. This affordable piece has all the ingredients in just the right quantity.

  1. Curvilicious Heart Diamond Ring

A bubble heart ring for your girlfriend or special someone. Something that will always be close to her heart.

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  1. Isabel Interwoven Ring

Is your gf someone who’s always first to try out new fashion? Someone everyone trusts with fashion advice? If yes, then take our advice and buy this one. It’s one of the trendiest designs in today’s era with its calculated minimalism.

  1. Tocco Hearts Ring

This list has been aggregated with a lot of care and eye for detail. This ring that you are going to see now has been one of our all-time bestsellers and that is not for no reasons. Take this and watch her heart melt like icecream.

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  1. Dainty Infinity Ring

The infinity sign is the best-known sign for an everlasting, infinitely strong bond. Convey the same by proposing to be infinitely committed to loving her with this ring.

  1. Petite Heart Ring

A bubbled heart accompanied by a tiny round diamond. Make a statement with elegant gifts for your girlfriend.

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  1. Yeter Couple Band For Her

If you fancy the sight of you two wearing similarly designed rings, or couple bands/rings as they are called, you can buy her this and ask her to buy you the male version of the same. The male version is displayed here as well. For more promise rings for the couple, visit our couple rings section.

  1. Leeba Halo Ring

Again something for a fashionista, someone who loves the elegance and charm of minimalist jewellery. We have matching earrings as well.

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  1. La Floraison Ring

A ring from our best-seller section, this floral ring finds favour with ladies from all age groups. So you can be free from your worries on whether or not she’ll like it, because we bet you, she will love it.

  1. Asterisco Ring

The gold frame of a crossover design with 15 diamonds on its face sets a very charming contrast. She will totally dig this piece and her friends might feel the burn.

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  1. Khari Split Shank Ring

A very popular ring type, the split shank variety, with a subtle change. If you look closely the prongs are in heart shape. Even better, this rose gold ring will definitely grace your girlfriend’s fingers. Go seal the deal with this ring.

  1. Two Hearts Ring

Love shape rings for girlfriend is one of the most sold jewellery on our website. This ring design is liked by all your gal would love it too. It features two hearts, one big and studded with diamonds, other small and in plain gold. 

With this blockbuster list, we are sure you now have enough ammo to impress your girl and make her yours forever. You can browse other ring designs online on our website for a full list of 800+ designs starting from ₹6000 to ₹200,000 and beyond. KuberBox also has other types of jewellery like gold pendants, heart pendants, diamond nose pins and bracelets. Do check them out as well.

How to Find Her Ring Size?

If you are planning this ring as a surprise, I am sure you must be worried about the ring size. Most people make a guess and buy whatever ring size they “think” would fit their girlfriends depending on their body types. This is 100% the wrong way of finding the ring size. That’s because the ring size doesn’t necessarily correspond to a person’s body type or size. The most accurate way is to actually measure it. But, we know that’s not possible if this is a surprise. So here are some tips – 

  • “Steal” or “Borrow” an old ring that fits and take that ring to a jeweller
  • Pretend to be buying her a fancy ring while shopping together in the market, and try to find out the size then
  • Measure the circumference of her finger while she’s sleeping. (This is not an accurate measure but you will land somewhere close. Try to measure at the folds of the finger)
  • We have run out of ideas now!!!!!!!!

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  1. What should I gift my GF on Valentine’s Day?

Our team has made a list of some pocket-friendly real gold and diamond rings, 15 rings to be precise. You can pick and choose any ring from the below and we assure you it won’t go wrong. Your girlfriend will be supremely impressed with your choice of design of ring. 

  1. How can I make Valentine’s Day special for her?

Make her forever yours,  get a beautiful ring for your girlfriend.  You can browse ring designs online on our website for a full list of 800+ designs starting from ₹6000 to ₹200,000 and beyond. KuberBox also has other types of jewellery like gold pendants, heart pendants, diamond nose pins, and bracelets.

15 Real Diamond Rings For Girlfriend In Under ₹9000 by Team KuberBox




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lovely collection please suggest jewelry for wife also

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lovely collection . please suggest gift jwellary option for wife under 25k

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This blog helped me to choose the best ring for my partner and my pocket…

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I received my girlfriend’s band and it is perfect, thank you..she is loving it too.

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My valentines day just got better with the amazing crown ring that I got for my girlfriend!

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