10 Best Jewellery Designs for Working Moms

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Being a working mom means juggling 10 things at a time. You are always pressed for time and have more to do than you have the time for. A lot of working moms that we know want hassle-free jewellery. Jewellery designs for working moms need to be effortless and at the same time, they should be appropriate for a workplace setting. They want jewellery that they put on and forget, something that goes with almost every type of clothing, is great for work and home and is low-maintenance. That is why, most prefer either diamond or pearl jewellery for this reason. Working moms often want to wear subtle, lovely, chic jewellery when they’re at work. Bold and loud jewellery, often not advised for the workplace, is ignored.

The right piece (or pieces) of jewellery can work wonders with your everyday work outfits including everything from jacket earrings and simple pendants to minimalistic rings, subtle hoop earrings, and bangles. For many workplaces, subtle elegance is the key to workplace-appropriate accessorizing.

Jewellery Designs For Working Moms

Here are ten of the best jewellery designs for working moms who are looking for that professional chic look.

SK Initials Heart Pendant - jewellery designs for working moms
10 Best Jewellery Designs for Working Moms 10
1. SK Initials Heart Pendant

Pendants are a staple of any wardrobe, and they are an ideal accessory for the workplace. Part of what makes pendants so good for working moms is that they can be worn all the time, and they go with any outfit.

You can customize initial pendants, to have your desired initials inside a gold and diamond-shaped heart.  You can also customize the initial pendants with diamond quality, gold purity, and gold colour of your choice. And since these are customized with your spouse’s and your initials, they can be great conversation starters with new colleagues and clients.

SK Initials Heart Pendant.

bhargavi jacket earrings
10 Best Jewellery Designs for Working Moms 11
2. Bhargavi Jacket Earrings

Jacket earrings can be an elegant choice. And are especially good to wear with an updo or similar hairstyle. Again, if you want a simple, yet sophisticated look, these can be paired nicely with a pendant, like the one mentioned above.

Bhargavi Jacket Earrings come in a range of styles. The diamonds are jacketed in gold that can either be 14kt, or 18kt. And the colour can be customized, the colour options are yellow, white, or rose gold.

Bhargavi Jacket Earrings

charvi jacket earrings
10 Best Jewellery Designs for Working Moms 12
3. Charvi Jacket Earrings

Another exquisite and discreet jacket earring is the Charvi Jacket Earrings. The gold jacket is shaped like a flower, and the jacket with 16 diamonds.  The carat count and colour can also be customized for these earrings.

If you’re looking for something that goes great with any work attire and brings a little extra class and glamour, without being over-the-top, the jacket earrings are perfect.

Charvi Jacket Earrings

sprial open ring  for working moms
10 Best Jewellery Designs for Working Moms 13
4. Spiral Open Ring

Spiral open rings have a very long tradition. They are the epitome of beautiful simplicity. And are a classic choice for women who desire an elegant and stunning ring.

These silver open rings have 18 diamonds, weighing in total 0.16 carats and are a wonderful addition to any workday wardrobe.

Spiral open rings

working mom jewellery -  arissa solitaire ring
10 Best Jewellery Designs for Working Moms 14
5. Arissa Solitaire Ring

If gold is more your style the Arissa solitaire ring is a beautiful, discreet gold ring. The solitaire at the centre of this gold band gives it grace and sophistication.

Like all rings, it can be customized to better suit you. The customizable elements are the diamond quality, gold colour and purity.

Arissa Solitaire Ring

uni flexi bracelet
10 Best Jewellery Designs for Working Moms 15
6. Uni Flexi Bracelet

For something a little different, the uni flexi bracelet consists of a single diamond which moves between the slender, long rectangular frame. This is the face of the bracelet and is a lovely piece for working moms.

The bracelet is designed so that when your wrist moves, the diamond moves with it. The bracelet’s lobster lock and link chain provide the ability to adjust the chain’s length. So, the bracelet with always fit perfectly on your wrist.

Uni flexi bracelet

Classy Flexi Bracelet
10 Best Jewellery Designs for Working Moms 16
7. Classy Flexi Bracelet

If you’re looking for a bracelet that’s a little classier, but not as much fun as the uni flexi bracelet, this is for you.

The minimalist elegance of this design is what makes it a popular choice for working moms. It’s not over-the-top or flashy, so it won’t draw too much attention to itself. All the while providing you with a stunning, work-appropriate bracelet.

This bracelet chain and lock make it possible to adjust the length, making for the ideal fit around your wrist.

Classy Flexi Bracelet

anouk detachable pearl hoops
10 Best Jewellery Designs for Working Moms 17
8. Anouk Detachable Pearl Hoops

These hoops give you a couple of options. You can wear the hoops with the pearls or without them. Which is great if you want to go for the subtle look of gold earrings. Or, for those occasions when you want to dress up you can reattach the pearls.

The Anouk detachable pearls are attached to gold hoops that have diamonds encased in them. For a lovely look suitable for work, these detachable pearl hoops are wonderfully versatile and beautifully simple and elegant.

Anouk Detachable Pearl Hoops

detachable pearl hoop earrings
10 Best Jewellery Designs for Working Moms 18
9. Detachable Pearl Hoop Earrings

If you want effortlessly stylish gold hoop earrings, these detachable pearl hoop earrings are perfect. For a more subtle elegance, you can detach the pearls and have lovely diamond-encased gold earrings.

Because the pearls are detachable it makes these ideal for different work situations. For everyday wear, you can remove the pearls. And when you want to (or the situation requires) you dress up you can attach the pearls.

Detachable Pearl Hoop Earrings

Shop Best Jewellery Designs For Working Moms on KuberBox

Working moms should be able to enjoy stylish, work-appropriate, elegant jewellery. These ten designs are just some of what’s on offer at KuberBox. No matter what your job is, or your work attire requirements, our online store has a large, versatile range to suit any taste.

For that professional chic look that compliments you and your outfit, please browse our selection of fine, classy and elegant jewellery.  And most of our jewellery is customizable allowing you to add your personal touches.

If you would like to see more of what’s available from KuberBox, or if you have any questions about our Jewellery designs for working moms, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

10 Best Jewellery Designs for Working Moms by Team KuberBox



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